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How can I get job in Australia in 2023?

Posted on December 28, 2022
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How can I get job in Australia in 2023

Why job/work in Australia?

  • 5 lakh job vacancies in Australia
  • Ranks in the top 10 best places to live, work and settle
  • Australian wages are increased by 5.1%
  • Flexible working hours in Australia 40 per week
  • Paid leaves are 30 per year
  • Access to an excellent healthcare system

Top in-demand occupations in Australia

Australia has relaxed its immigration policies and increased its migration cap to invite skilled working foreigners to handle the current shortages in the workforce. Australia has already increased its migration allocation cap with 160,000 places as per the permanent migration program 2022-23.

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 There are many in-demand occupations in the Australian workforce market that get fair pay and have better prospects in 2023.

IT & Software and Development

IT and Software development are two different fields. Software companies create, change or maintain some useful software products. IT companies make sure all the systems, devices, and software work in alignment with all the people to get things done.


Engineers or engineering practice people are the professionals who invent build design, analyze and test the machines, structures, complex structures, gadgets, and materials to fulfill and execute functional objectives and requirements by considering the restrictions that are imposed by cost, practicality, safety, and regulation.

Finance & Accounting

Most of the time, Finance and Accounting are two different occupations and sometimes the roles look similar but the work style differs. Accounting occupation mostly focuses on the everyday flow of money in & out of the company or institution.

Finance is an occupation that manages assets and liabilities and takes care of growth planning.

Basically, Finance and Accounting are related to the administration and management of organizational assets. But it is important to have a working knowledge of both disciplines.


The Human Resources occupation is responsible for the hiring and development of concerned employees. An HR staff manages payroll, employee benefits, and some of the administrative tasks related to employees. It is an HR responsibility to maintain employee relations and sort out conflicts.

Based on the insights of the Australian Government workforce market, there is an increase of 16.3% in HR manager jobs which is going to remain till 2025.


Hospitality is an occupation that welcomes people and helps them to have the best time which is possible. This occupation comprises of different range of sectors and careers which include accommodation, airlines, bars, beds, breakfasts, cafes, caravan parks, cruise ships, restaurants, theme parks, and tourist attractions.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing sometimes is a single occupation, but there are minor changes in the role of professionals. The sales job involves selling a service, or product to customers. Whereas the marketing profession is expected as a broad range of professions that involves extending and overlapping other businesses.


Healthcare is a broad range of occupations where one could have enrolled in a Healthcare education and could have a minimum experience.

It is said that healthcare occupation-based jobs are projected to grow by 13% at least by 2031. This growth resulted in nearly more new jobs in healthcare occupation.


Teaching is one of the skill shortage occupations in Australia. The country prefers highly educated skilled professionals as teachers who can make important decisions on a daily basis and plan the best ways to teach young people from their schools or institutions.

4 years of full-time tertiary education is a mandatory requirement to become a teacher in Australia.


Nursing is one of the shortages of skilled occupations in Australia. Mostly nursing is considered the healthcare profession. A nurse is a healthcare provider who practices and approaches medical care. Nurses maintain the optimal health and quality of life of patients.

In-demand occupations Salaries in AUD
IT $99,947
Software Development $116,755
Engineer $112,358
Finance $102,282
Accounting $110,000
HR $88,683
Hospitality $67,533
Sales $73,671
Marketing $87,941
Healthcare $102,375
Teaching $108,678
Nursing $101,741

Australia work visa

Australia provides a wide range of opportunities for individuals who possess qualified skills and capabilities to boost the economy and workforce of Australia. For this, the individuals need to apply for a Australia work visa.

Australian work visas are designed specifically to encourage individuals to obtain sponsorship from an employer or to get a nomination. To be eligible to work in Australia, an individual either need to study in the country to obtain a Post-study work permit or apply and obtain an Australian work visa.

An Australian work visa allows individuals to live, work and after a certain period apply for Australian PR.

Types of Australia work visas

Australian work visas can be categorized into Permanent Australia work visas and Temporary work visas of Australia. Following are the details of the work visas.

Permanent Australia Work Visas

  • Skilled Nominated Visa: Individuals with skilled occupations which are listed in the need of SOL will be nominated to work and allowed to live in Australia as permanent residents.
  • Skilled Independent Visa: An Individual possessing skilled occupational roles will get invited to work in Australia under this category. Though this is a permanent visa, there is no precondition of having any sponsor or invitation.
  • Distinguished Talent Visa: This is a permanent visa that is given to individuals who have been recognized record for their outstanding and exceptional achievements in the profession of academics, arts, research, and sports.
  • Employer Nominated Scheme Visa: The skilled professionals or workers get nominated by their employers under this category. With this permanent visa, they can relocate to the country and work permanently.
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa: The skilled workers get nominated by their employers in the regional areas of Australia to live and work in the country.

Temporary Australia Work Visa Options

  • Skilled Regional Visa: This is one of the temporary Australian visas for skilled workers who are willing to live and work in regional Australia.
  • Temporary Work Visa (Short-Stay visa): This is a temporary work visa for the short term and is granted for highly-specialized work in Australia.
  • Temporary Work Visa (International Relations): This temporary work permit permits international professionals to work in the country under specific terms designed by Australia
  • Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa: Skilled individuals will be able to work in Australia for 2-4 years, based on employer requirements.

 Australia Skilled Worker visa (Sub Class 189)

Australian skilled worker visa or Subclass 189 is also known as a Skilled Independent visa. This visa is evaluated on points-based immigration which invites skilled professionals to the country to live and work permanently.

Following are the eligibility criteria for Subclass 189

  • There is no need for a sponsor or a nominator
  • One should receive an ITA (invitation to Apply)
  • The applicant’s age must be under 45
  • The applicant’s occupation must be listed in Australia’s SOL (Skilled occupation list)
  • Possess suitable and relevant skills assessment for the occupation

TSS visa (Sub Class 482)

A temporary skills shortage visa (TSS) or subclass 182 is a temporary visa that allows the applicant to live and work in Australia for the sponsored employer in a nominated position. Applicants are allowed to bring the dependent family using this visa.

Following are the streams/categories of TSS visas.

TSS streams Validity of stay Requirement

Short-term stream

2-4 years The occupation needs to be listed in STSOL (Short-term skilled occupations list)

Medium-term stream

Up to 4 years The occupation needs to be listed in MLTSSL (Medium & Long term Strategic skills list)
  Labor agreement stream

Up to 4 years As per the labor agreement

Global Talent visa (subclass 858)

The Global Talent visa is a permanent visa that allows individuals who are recognized internationally for their outstanding and exceptional achievement in an eligible field.

Eligibility requirements for Global talent visa

  • One can apply for this visa by staying in or outside Australia.
  • To be eligible for a global talent visa, an individual must be internationally recognized with an excellent record and outstanding achievement in either a profession, arts, academics & research, or sports.
  • Must have been nominated with a federal reputation, who is an Australian citizen, Australian PR, an Australian organization, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Eligibility criteria for Australia work visa

For applying for an Australian work visa, an individual needs to meet the following requirement

  1. The individual must meet the minimum point requirement which is 65.
  2. The age of the applicant must be below 45 years.
  3. The individual needs to take up a language proficiency test and gain the minimum required band or points.
  4. The applicant’s occupation must be listed in the nominated skilled occupation List (SOL).
  5. The applicant then needs to undergo a skills assessment, which means the work experience certificates and educational documents must be evaluated.
  6. Get the medical check-up document ready and apply it along with other documents.

 Steps to apply for an Australia work visa

Step 1: Check your eligibility for Australia on the Australia point calculator against the human factors and language proficiency and search for the work visa that suits your profile. The occupation must be listed in the in-demand occupations list.

Step 2: Get ready with the educational qualification documents if needed get authorized.

Step 3: Search for job vacancies or occupations from the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Step 4: Gather all necessary documents, including clearance certificates, and checklist the documents, and upload them to the ‘Skill-Select’ profile.

Step 5: After getting ready with all mandatory documents and paying the required fees for the application. Apply for the chosen Australia work visa.

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Australia work visa to Australia PR

  • Australia offers various work visas which can fetch Australia PR in the country after meeting certain criteria.
  • The Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 work visas of Australia allow individuals to apply for Australian Permanent Residence and also sponsor family dependents once they meet certain eligibility.
  • The Subclasses 491 and 494 visas also allow foreign immigrants to live and work in the country for 3-5 years and apply for Australian PR by meeting the eligibility.


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