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Posted on August 29 2022

Australia relaxes immigration policies to fulfil job market demand

By  Editor
Updated January 06 2024

Highlights of relaxed Australia Immigration policies

  • Australia continues to handle the shortage of skilled workers and plans to choose migration as its best approach to solve the country's labor crisis.
  • The top 10 jobs like chefs, construction managers, nurses, etc., are the most in-demand occupations for the next five years in Australia.
  • Australia’s permanent migration program for the years 2022-23 is been set at 160,000 places.

Workforce requirement for Australia

There are calls to improve the current migration cap in Australia to assist most of the battling industries, and the rest of the people who are in the country choosing for better training who are looking for work.

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Chefs, Construction Managers, nurses, and some the jobs are considered as top 10 most in demand by the federal government for the next five years in Australia.

This list is released just before the government’s jobs and skills congress that was supposed to be held in Canberra on 1 and 2 September. This step is taken to handle the current labor shortages.

Anthony Albanese, The Prime Minister of Australia

The conference held for two days brings many business groups, associations, unions, and the people who help in managing the world-class VET sector to believe in taking quick action on the current skill shortages in Australia.

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Occupations of the future

Based on the government’s skill Priority List, the jobs that are anticipated to stay in high demand are:

  • Construction managers
  • Civil engineering professionals
  • Early childhood teachers
  • Registered nurses
  • ICT (information and communications technology) business and systems analysts
  • Software and applications programmers
  • Electricians
  • Chefs
  • Child carers
  • Aged and disability carers

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Jobs outlook in Australia for 2022

These occupations are described as ‘mixed bag’ by Pi-Shen Seet, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Western Australia’s Edith Cowan University. Professor Seet stated that Australia already has a great history of both training domestic workers and utilizing skilled migration to fill in the gap in different industries, and it majorly depends on supply and demand.

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Prioritize skilled workers under the migration cap

The cap for Australia’s permanent migration program for 2022-23 is 160,000 places. Whereas during 2021-22 also the migration cap was 160,000, but was divided among skilled and family immigrants and now as per the latest government’s plan workers are going to get prioritized.

Two-thirds of the immigrants anticipated to enter Australia will be able to use seven of the various skilled visas that are available.

 Some of the unions and business lobby groups also demand to raise the immigration cap to 200,000 for the next coming two years to handle the shortages at workplaces.

There are talks also that instead of depending on the migration cap, instead, it would be simple to train the people in the country. This statement took the news when a new survey done by Electrical Trades Union revealed that only 52% of the electrician apprentices have finished their qualifications.

 Professor Seet suggests that providing domestic training will benefit many workers and employers to take on the jobs that are empty in Australia, which is making Australia’s labor shortage issue complicated.

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Skilled migration is considered a 'Short-Term Solution'

An invitee who was supposed to attend the jobs summit stated that immigration is just a temporary process to quickly fix the labor shortages in Australia. Some experts speak of providing education and training to the population in order to handle the shortage of skills to maximize Australia's existing population.

Currently, Australia’s unemployment rate hits a historic 3.4% low and around 1.8 million people have been searching for work in Australia but could not do so, as they have been taking care of their children.

Instead of relying on skilled immigrants and ignoring the people who are currently doing part-time jobs, experts suggest a long-term decision of commitment which leads to training and education that actually starts from the schools.

 Professor Seet says that companies, employers, and corporations must have to work with unions, states have to work along with states, and the federal authorities have to be a great player to ensure that the Australians and the migrants should get benefitted from the step we take as the government.

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