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Posted on May 25 2022

Jobs outlook in Australia for 2022

By  Editor
Updated January 09 2024

If you want to live and work in Australia, you should look for a job outlook in the country. The outlook will let the people know about job opportunities and high-demand professions. The outlook will also let the people know about workers who will get high payment. All these aspects will help you make a strategy for job search. This strategy will help you in finding a job easily.

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Job outlook 2022 shows job opportunities in various sectors, which are as follows:

Jobs in healthcare industry

In the past five years, job growth in healthcare industry was tremendous. It is expected that this growth will continue in 2022 and coming years. The occupations that are in demand are

  • Registered nurses
  • Nursing support workers
  • Care givers for the aged and people with disability
  • Personal care giver
  • Receptionists

Software industry

There will be a high demand for software developers who have got the experience in mobile design, user experience, and full stack development.

Trades and civil construction industry

Trades and civil construction industry will need skilled as well as non-skilled workers.

Education sector

In 2022, it is expected that there will be a huge demand for teachers in secondary schools. This demand will come from regional parts of the country. Because of this, jobs in the education sector are shown on the ceilings of occupation list.

Management professionals

Skilled workers are needed for marketing, advertising, and sales. It has been expected that there will be a high demand for these professionals.

Automotive and engineering trades sector

There will be a high demand of engineering professionals. Australia is always looking for skilled workers in this sector.

Engineering sector

Engineers from various fields will be high in demand, and the fields include mechanical, transport, electronics, and electrical.

Average salary for different occupations

The following table will show the average salary for each occupation:

Occupation Average yearly  – salary
Information technology 91,200 AUD
Banking 98,700 AUD
Telecommunications 80,000 AUD
Human resources 85,900 AUD
Engineering 76,600 AUD
Sales and Marketing 102,000 AUD
Civil construction 53,400 AUD

Job market outlook 2022

Occupation ceiling

Occupation ceiling means selection of skilled migration from any occupation group. Limited candidates from the total number of Expression of Interests are selected. If the selection reaches the occupation limit, no invitations for that occupation are sent.

In such a case, invitations are issued to the people from other occupation groups in spite of the fact that their score is low on the calculator.

*Check your ability to migrate to Australia through Australia Immigration Points Calculator.

Why occupation ceiling is introduced?

Occupation ceiling has been launched to make sure that biggest percentage of skilled migration program does not depend on limited number of occupations. The ceiling has been introduced to limit the number of invites after an occupation reaches its limit.

This helps the people having low rank to get an occupation and work in Australia. In spite of the fact that job openings are less but still, many occupations are available.

Job outlook sector wise

The table below will show the job outlook sector-wise.

Sector Number of jobs
Healthcare 194100 jobs
Software 287,000 jobs
Construction 128, 200 jobs
Education 118,700 jobs
Management 137,500 jobs
Automotive and engineering trades 148,300 jobs
Engineering 353,100 jobs


Australia is one of the preferred destinations where people like to live and work. Many jobs for foreign workers are available in Australia. In spite of corona pandemic, there is a great demand of foreign workers.

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