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Posted on April 26 2022

Job outlook in Ireland for 2022

By  Editor
Updated January 09 2024

A new study conducted in March 2022 reveals that employers in Ireland are planning to launch their biggest recruitment drive, the largest ever in 15 years, commencing in the second quarter of 2022. Conducted by ManpowerGroup, questioned in the survey were more than 400 employers across the Republic of Ireland. Employers were asked if they intended to recruit extra workers or downsize the labor force in the next quarter. The employers said that they were planning to expand the size of the workforce sizeably, pushing recruitment by 32% in the second quarter, which would translate into a rise of 2.9% compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile, Ireland's technology sector is said to be doing well, with prospects of more than 42%.

According to ManpowerGroup Ireland, the tech sector of Ireland has been at the forefront in the recovery of the country's economy post-pandemic. Its head said that IT and technology had progressed radically in all sectors due to the pandemic, powering the necessity for tech skills in firms all over. Even as the levels of unemployment are back to pre-pandemic standards, the requirement for skilled workers has grown threefold, implying that not enough talented workers were present in the open market to fulfill the demand. The above report reiterates that the job outlook for Ireland is looking upbeat. Even now, as per the GDP per capita, the island country in northwestern Europe ranks fourth among 186 countries in the world in 2020 as per the International Monetary Fund's (IMF's) table. Moreover, following Brexit, most transnational companies want to set up their offices in Ireland instead of the UK, especially London. Sectors, particularly transport, manufacturing, and IT, will grow until 2025. The other sectors where there will be job opportunities are the following.

Life Sciences  More than 50,000 people are employed in the Life Sciences industry in Ireland, exports of which annually touch about €45 billion. Salaries here would range from €40,000 to €65,000. Employers in this industry are on the lookout for people, especially in the roles of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.

Technology  The technology industry of Ireland is growing rapidly. At present, 37,000 are employed in this sector, and its exports aggregate €35 billion annually. As businesses in all sectors are quickly shifting to cloud services, there is a massive requirement for Software Architects, whose specialty lies in the cloud and distributed systems. Salaries in this sector would be ranging from €120,000 to €140,000.

Accounting and Finance  Ireland saw company registrations increase by 17% in 2021 alone, with many floating start-ups in the accounting, legal, and business sectors. This growth is said to be spilling over into 2022 as well. This sector needs skilled accountants. Salaries for these professionals would range from €50,000 to €65,000.

Construction and Property With the revival of construction projects in Ireland, the government's housing program is expected to come up with 300,000 homes per year by the mid-2020s. To carry out this program successfully, Ireland requires Quantity Surveyors. The salaries of new employees would range from €65,000 to €90,000

Human Resources As employers look to go big on hiring in 2022, there will be a need for recruiters in the long term. People who fit these roles should have solid sourcing skills and strong experience zeroing in on potential candidates in crucial departments. Hiring/recruiting specialists would be in demand, and they can expect to earn yearly salaries ranging from €40,000 to €90,000.

Marketing As people have started to shop more online than in brick-and-mortar shops even before the pandemic, there is a need for marketing professionals who can adapt to eCommerce. Digital marketing specialists will be in demand for strategizing online marketing. They could expect salaries ranging from €60,000 to €85,000.

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