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Do you know what can prevent you from getting the Overseas Job?

Posted on September 28, 2018
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Below are some crucial dont’s for Overseas Job aspirants and the information has been collated from real-time Overseas Employers:

  • Do not ask the interviewer how the interview went on, it is really awkward and personally uncomfortable
  • Do not control the interview and go on as if you are above the process
  • Do not reveal any personal information or details like you are going through a breakup or divorce as this will be 100% used against you
  • Do not answer the question that you wanted to be asked; just answer to the point what has been asked from you
  • Never treat the interview as if it is futile exercise even if you are overqualified for the role
  • Do not think that having rock-star attitude will you get you additional points, it definitely does not. This is especially true for fresh STEM graduates, as quoted by the MSN.
  • Never complain about the last job, though it’s normal to do so as it is not a good thing during the interview
  • Do not bluff regarding a question when you really have no experience in that area, just be honest
  • Never fail to ask relevant questions and doubts regarding the suitability of the job for you
  • Do not abrupt the interviewer or try to complete the sentences of the interviewer
  • Never fail to do adequate research about the company and don’t turn up to the interview with zero knowledge about the firm
  • Do not try to be late to the interview thinking that if you turn up late you will not be asked tough questions, that’s not true
  • Never fake yourself and try to portray somebody that you are actually not, it never works

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