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Australian job growth remains strong in March

Posted on April 28, 2018
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Jobs in Australia

The Australian Job growth remained strong in March and the employment adjusted seasonally increased by 4, 900 in March to stand at 12, 484, 100. These figures have been revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The economy of Australia has created 1,000+ jobs per day in the last one year.

In the past 1 year, employment adjusted seasonally enhanced by 367, 000 or 3%. Full-time jobs in Australia stand at 8,514,100 which is 2.7% higher than 12 months ago. Part-time jobs enhanced by 24, 800 in the last 1 month and stood at 3, 970, 000 which is 3.7% or 140, 200 higher than the previous year.

The rate of unemployment adjusted seasonally remained steady in March with 5.5% and it is 0.3% points lesser than the rate in 2017 March, as quoted by the Ministers Jobs Gov Au.

Senator Michaelia Cash the Australia Minister for Jobs and Innovation welcomed the stable enhancement of Australian job growth. This is a reflection of the strong economic policies of the government, he added.

The Government has launched appropriate policies that continue to offer results, said the Minister. Since assuming the office in 2013 September we have created totally 996, 800 jobs which is an increase of 8.7%, he said.

Michaelia Cash said that the Government of Australia is aware that as of now 730, 000+ Australians are still unemployed. This is the reason the government is dedicated to creating appropriate conditions for the market. This will offer the local businesses the prospects of creating increased and better-paid jobs, added the Minister.

The Government of Australia remains committed to create the appropriate economic ambiance for businesses to flourish explained Cash.

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