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Do you know the Province/Territory MHW for Canadian Jobs?

Posted on December 27, 2018
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Territory MHW for Canadian Jobs

Overseas immigrants are increasingly seeking Canadian Jobs and this is truer for H-1B Visa holders in the US who face uncertainty. Employers in Canada are also enhancing their efforts to attract the best and brightest overseas talents.

Employers in Canada who seek high-wage workers are required to submit transition plans. This is along with their LMIA application (Labour Market Impact Assessment). This is to ensure that they are initiating measures to decrease their dependence on provisional overseas workers in the long run.

High wage workers are the ones who earn more than the median hourly wage (MHW). This is for a particular Canadian Job in the specific region, as quoted by the CIC News.

The transition proposals are meant to ensure that the employers who seek overseas workers fulfill the intention of the program. This outlines that they are opting for the program as the limited and last resort. It is to cater to the urgent labor needs on a provisional basis due to the unavailability of Canadians. This ensures that Canadians receive the first chance for available jobs.

Some occupations in Quebec are facilitated. This implies that efforts for local recruitment are not needed by employers. It is as a part of their applications to recruit provisional overseas workers for any of the facilitated jobs.

Below is the list of Median Hourly Wages – MHW by Province/Territory in Canada:

Province/Territory Wage ($/hr) as of May 3, 2018
Yukon $28.00
Saskatchewan $24.00
Quebec $21.75
Prince Edward Island $19.00
Ontario $22.50
Nunavut $31.00
Nova Scotia $20.00
Northwest Territories $32.00
Newfoundland and Labrador $21.98
New Brunswick $19.35
Manitoba $20.83
British Columbia $23.00
Alberta $26.40

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