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Do you know the Canada Jobs that get LMIA in 10 days?

Posted on December 26, 2018
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Do you know the Canada Jobs that get LMIA in 10 days

LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment is a necessary requirement for immigration to Canada based on employment. There are certain Canada Jobs that receive LMIA within 10 business day period. Below is the list of such occupations:

                                                                     OCCUPATION TITLE NOC
Water well drillers 7373
Underground development and production miners 8231
Oil and gas well testers, drillers, servicers, and allied workers 8232
Petroleum, chemical, and gas process operators 9232
Supervisors and Contractors, telecommunications and electrical trades occupations 7202
Carpentry trades; Contractors and supervisors 7204
Other construction trades, repairers, installers, and servicers; Contractors and supervisors, 7205
Carpenters 7271
Mechanic trades; Contractors and supervisors, 7301
Supervisors and Contractors heavy equipment crews and operator 7302
Supervisors, forestry, and logging 8211
Supervisors, quarrying and mining 8221
Supervisors and Contractors, gas and oil drilling services 8222
Logging machinery operators 8241
Farm supervisors, Agricultural service contractors, and specialized livestock workers 8252
Supervisors, metal, and mineral processing 9211
Supervisors, petroleum, chemical, and gas processing and utilities 9212
Supervisors, rubber and plastic products manufacturing 9214
Mineral and metal processing central control and process operators 9231
Power systems operators and Power engineers 9241
Water and waste treatment plant operators 9243
Tooling inspectors; Machinists and machining 7231
Sheet metal workers 7233
Structural plate and metal work fabricators and fitters 7235
Ironworkers 7236
Welders and related machine operators 7237
Electricians (except for industrial and power system) 7241
Industrial electricians 7242
Power system electricians 7243
Cable and Electrical power line workers 7244
Cable and Telecommunications line workers 7245
Telecommunications repair and installation workers 7246
Plumbers 7251
Steamfitters, sprinkler system installers and pipefitters 7252
Gas fitters 7253
Construction millwrights and Industrial mechanics 7311
Heavy-duty equipment mechanics 7312
Air conditioning and Refrigeration mechanics 7313
Railway Car Women/men 7314
Aircraft inspectors and Aircraft mechanics 7315
Elevator constructors and mechanics 7318
Crane operators 7371
Drillers and blasters – quarrying, surface, mining, and construction 7372

The standard of 10 day service in the above category is restricted to positions in skilled trades. This is for those jobs where the wages offered are higher than the median wage in the territory/province. These positions are vital for the development of major natural resource extraction and infrastructure projects. They are thus deemed to be crucial to the economic growth of Canada, as quoted by the CIC News.

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