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Posted on September 27 2022

Job outlook in Canada for 2022

By Editor
Updated March 15 2023

Key aspects: Most in-demand jobs in Canada

  • Canada is experiencing an all-time high number of job vacancies with a total of over a million or 5.7 percent
  • Canada has the fourteenth-largest economy and its unemployment rate stands at 5.4 percent
  • 40 working hours a week
  • Most in-demand jobs were recorded in six Canadian provinces
  • The minimum wage will increase from $11.81 to $13.00 per hour on October 1, 2022
  • The maximum insurable yearly earnings are C$60,300 and the employee can receive an amount of C$638 per week
  • Most in-demand jobs support the company’s development and demands high skills from immigrants

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Canadian jobs in 2022

Canada is expecting skilled individuals from foreign countries, to migrate and contribute to the country’s demography and economy. It is known for its world-class companies and enterprises that offer the highest paying jobs.

These jobs are also the most in-demand jobs, that support the development of the company and demand high skills that can be found in the immigrants.

If you migrate to Canada on a work visa after finding a job with a Canadian employer, you will begin a new journey on the pathway that gives you a successful career and permanent residence. Canada is the most renowned country that offers you;

  • High standard of life
  • World-class education
  • Security
  • Political and economical stability
  • Top-class healthcare system

Canada is a developed nation but it is currently facing labor shortages in its economic sector. To fill this gap, the country has proposed a target for 2022-2024. This plan is targeted to increase the immigration levels of the country and invite highly-skilled workers from foreign countries.

The immigration levels plan for the next three years are given below:

Immigration Levels Plan for the year No. of permanent residents
2022 431,645 permanent residents
2023 447,055 permanent residents
2024 451,000 permanent residents

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Canada New Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024

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Job outlook in Canada for 2022

According to a Statistics Canada report, the given occupational list is expected to have an assertive job outlook for the year 2022. All the professionals from the below-mentioned occupational list, are eligible to migrate to Canada.

Fortunately, the need for quality employees offers a great opportunity to migrate, work and live in Canada, as the labor shortages are high in the occupations which in demand. The Canadian government has started introducing new measures and taking initiatives for faster visa processing in order to achieve this target.

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Details of jobs in Canada for 2022

Job title Average annual salary
Electrical Engineer $72,891
Registered Nurse $70,797
Network Administrator $64,838
Accountant $53,382
Software Developer $76,021
Human Resource Professional $58,432
Chemists $57,500
Mechanical Engineers $72,600
Civil Engineers $89,993
Electrical & Electronic Engineers $71,994
Manufacturing Engineers $70,000
Chemical Engineers $80,000
Mining Engineers $93,750
Computer Engineers $80,355
Aerospace Engineers $89,700
Architects $97,222
Database Analysts & Data Administrators $77,902
Industrial Designers $52,500
Specialist Physicians $69,808
Dentists $263,000
Chiropractors $85,000
Veterinarians $87,385
Optometrists $33,150
Dietitians and nutritionists $65,237
Physiotherapists $78,056
Opticians $44,850
Psychologists $93,920
Librarians $68,186

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Most in-demand occupations in Canada

Among all the occupations and sectors mentioned in the above table, the most in-demand occupations are;

Occupation Average annual salary
Information technology 67,995 USD
Software 79,282 USD
Finance 63,500 USD
Engineering 66,064 USD
Healthcare 42,988 USD

Information technology (IT)

Most of the companies in Canada are willing to adopt new practices such as remote work, virtual commerce, and automation as they play an increasingly important role in the IT professions. A high number of organizations agree on implementing a hybrid or remote work culture for their employees.


Since the job outlook for the sector of engineering is positive in Canada, there is a high demand for competent skilled employees and new disciplines of engineering. It will offer a great opportunity for the educated foreign nationals who acquire engineering talents.


Canada is expecting a high demand for software programmers and software engineers from foreign countries. The in-demand job roles include;

  • Database analysts
  • Software developers
  • Business system analysts
  • Network engineers

The latest innovations in software and technologies like 3D printing, Blockchain, and AI, will continue to create more opportunities for the professionals from this stream.


Healthcare occupations are currently more lucrative in Canada leaving higher chances for international healthcare professionals. Jobs like psychologists, surgeons, physicians, and nurses will have more demand in 2022.


Modernizing the technology in the finance sector will be in high demand and it will allow the finance experts to immigrate to the new fintech technological solutions. By 2028, the financial sector is expected to record approximately 23,000 jobs.

1 Million job vacancies in Canada

Compared to the first half of 2022, and the second half of 2021, an increase of 4.7 percent was recorded in job vacancies by the Job Vacancy and Wage Survey.

Currently, Canada is experiencing an all-time high number of job vacancies with a total of over a million or 5.7 percent in the majority of the sectors. There is a high demand for labor when compared to the payroll employment growth from the first quarter of 2020.

Job vacancies in six Canadian provinces

There are job vacancies all across Canada but most of them were recorded in the six Canadian provinces mentioned below.

Canadian Province Percentage of job vacancies
Ontario 6.60%
Nova Scotia 6.00%
British Columbia 0.056
Manitoba 0.052
Alberta 0.044
Quebec 0.024


Canada has 1 Million+ Jobs lying vacant for past 120 days

Temporary work permit holders are eligible for Canadian PR visa

Unemployment rate hits a new record-low

The unemployment rate has reduced to 0.1 percent which hit a record high of 5.1 percent. The adjusted rate of unemployment has decreased from 0.2 percent to 7.0 percent in May 2022. Since 1976, this is the lowest rate record.

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Unemployment rate in Canada recorded low, and employment rate increased by 1.1 million – May Report          

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