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Posted on July 14 2022

Major employers in Canada want to increase the immigration of skilled workers

By  Editor
Updated January 17 2024

Major employers in Canada want to increase the immigration of skilled workers


  • Canada is planning to increase the immigration levels to fill 1.1 million job vacancies
  • 80 percent of employers finding difficulty in hiring employees
  • Due to processing delays, high costs, and complex rules, employers are facing issues
  • Every year 65 percent of major employers hire immigrants through TFWP and IMP

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According to the reports of Statistics Canada, half of the Canadian employers want to increase the record-breaking immigration levels and the remaining half wants Ottawa to maintain the higher immigration level. The unemployment rate in Canada recorded very low in May 2022, and the labor shortages have impacted the economic recovery of the country.


Unemployment rate in Canada recorded low, and employment rate increased by 1.1 million – May Report

Canadian employers find difficulties in filling 1.1 million job vacancies

As per the reports, 80 percent of the employers are facing problems in hiring skilled workers. The shortage of skilled workers exists in all the provinces and territories. The major sectors facing the shortage are:

  • IT
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Skilled trades

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Immigration backlog in Canada

IRCC had revealed that in mid-June 2022, the backlog of the applicants was 2.4 million. IRCC has suggested that the federal government should take the following steps to reduce the shortage of skilled workers

  • The immigration system should be improved to increase the availability of the skilled workers
  • Increasing the country’s collective capacity by enhancing the collective capacity and ability to recognize overseas authorizations
  • Barriers related to labour mobility should be eliminated
  • Allowing older people to participate in the job market

As per the Canadian business council survey...

The business council of 170 members received a questionnaire and half of them responded to it. The survey has revealed about the difficulties of the employers due to complex rules, processing delays, and high costs. Two-thirds of the employers stated that they are recruiting the overseas workers through the immigration system. Rest of them revealed that they are hiring the immigrants within the country.

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