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Do you need a Blue Card to stay and Work in Germany?

Posted on April 30, 2019
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Work in Germany

Germany is the highest approver of Blue Cards in the EU offering 90% of the allocated cards annually. Blue Card enables the individual to stay and work in Germany.

EU Blue Card is offered to the applicant if they have an accredited University degree. They must also be earning a specific salary. It is for this reason that the applicants must have a prior job offer.  Alternatively, your employer can also apply for the Blue Card.

You will have to have a gross yearly salary of 41, 808 Euros for the so-called shortage occupations in Germany. For others, it must be 53, 800 Euros. Germany offers Blue Cards to even fresh University graduates if they have a job offer. However, some EU nations have stricter policies as quoted by the Local DE.

The application for the Blue Card along with the documents can be submitted by the employee at the Germany Embassy in their nation. It can also be submitted by the employer at the foreigner’s office in Germany.

The overseas nationals must apply at the German Consulate in their home nation. This is if they are already not residing in Germany on the Residence Visa.

The processing times for the EU Blue Card in Germany are often some weeks and not months. In cases of other types of Work Visas, some months are required for processing the application.

You can apply for Germany PR just after 33 months if you hold a Blue Card. It can be reduced to 24 or 21 months with a certificate in B1 language. Residence in other EU nations can also be accrued towards PR rights.

Non-EU Residency Visa holders have to normally wait for 7 to 8 years to get the Germany PR.

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