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Posted on November 29 2022

No LMIA required for Canadian Significant Benefit Work Permit

By Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Highlights of Canadian Significant Benefit Work permits which do not require LMIA

  • A significant Benefit Work permit (SBWP) is a special work permit that does not need an LMIA for work.
  • LMIA is one of the internal assessments for Canada which assesses the effect of recruiting a foreign worker on the Labor market of Canada.
  • The SBWP is offered to the workers whose hiring would benefit Canada either economically, socially, or/and culturally.
  • To be eligible under SBWP, the other factors that are needed are a professional expertise certificate, a leadership position in the organization, etc.
  • The recipients that use SBWP more commonly are ICT professionals, Self-employed Entrepreneurs, Television and Film production workers, etc.

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Significant Benefit Work permit (SBWP)

The Significant Benefit Work Permit (SBWP) is a path to obtain a work permit without needing an LMIA. This work permit is accessible to workers whose recruitment can benefit Canada either socially, economically, and/or culturally.

Usually, the Internal Mobility Program (IMP) for SBWP applicants does not expect an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) while undergoing the application process.

The stream SBWP is made for the scenarios where LMIA has to be required, but the real-time considerations or unavailability of appropriate application stream, and considerable LMIA processing wait times have made delays in the approvals.

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What is LMIA?

LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment is Canada’s international assessment which evaluates the effects of hiring an international worker in the Canadian workforce market under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Eligibility criteria for SBWP

To apply for an SBWP, you need to meet the considerations set that justify your arrival would benefit Canada culturally, socially, and/or economically.

If one succeeds in the above step, then the usual deciding factors that help in issuing this work permit will be in their favor.

To prove your lawfulness as an applicant with potential notable benefit to Canada, then you need to submit evidence of the following relevant factors:

  • A proof that is accredited by an academic institution or that describes your professional expertise.
  • Proof that you are a recipient of a national/international awardee or a patent holder.
  • Evidence that provides that you are a member of an organization that needs excellence of its members, and/or
  • The leadership position that you are serving in your organization is notable.

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The Consideration factors for SPWP

Apart from proving that you hold a distinguished position in your field, you also need to provide the factors of considerations that benefit Canada either socially, culturally, or economically upon your arrival.

Economic consideration factors

  • To make sure that your arrival does not prevent employment for a Canadian or a permanent resident.
  • Being part of advancements in Canadian industry via market expansion, innovation of product/service, job creation, etc., and/or
  • To provide economic stimulus in the remote areas of Canada.

Social benefit considerations

  • Must be able to address the concerns in health & social threats to Canadian citizens and PRs.
  • Ability to Strengthen the social communities and/or
  • To be able to develop products that assist in enhancing environmental-related considerations.

Cultural benefit considerations

  • If the applicant has/has not been a member of any peer review panel or authority to judge the work of other people.
  • The applicant has been recognized by governmental organizations, by their peers, or business or professional associations for their field-related contributions and/or
  • Whether the applicant is an eminent personality for their endeavors that are cultural and artistic.

Documentation required for SBWP

To apply for the SBWP, there’s no new process that takes place, it is the same as applying for a regular work permit. The following documentation is required for submission to IRCC:

  • The exemption of LMIA offer of employment will be submitted in the Employer portal or is approved by alternate submission as per the note on the Client screen
  • Accredited proof, experience, and/or a high-level competent work in the candidate’s field
  • A completely filled-in application on IRCC’s Global Case Management System (GCMS).
  • Proof of payment of fees which is related to employer compliance.
  • The evidence that depicts how the foreign immigrant’s work furnishes significant benefit culturally, economically, or socially.

Note: A GCMS is a universal applicant platform of database that contains all the cases that are handled by IRCC.

Popular and approved use cases for the SBWP

The most common recipients of SBWP include:

  • The ICT (Intra-Company transferees) are the common recipients who are usually recruited by MNCs and are expecting entry to Canada either as a senior manager, an executive, or in a specialized role.
  • Film production and Television workers whose main role is crucial to production.
  • Self-employed workers & Entrepreneurs
  • The industrial/commercial equipment-related emergency repair personnel

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