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Posted on February 25 2022

Canada’s top jobs for LMIA-exempt work permit holders in 2021

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Abstract: Canada has announced that some work permits for foreign nationals will be exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Highlights: In 2021, the Canadian Government dropped the Labour Market Impact Assessment for holders of specific work permits. The assessment reviews the type and number of foreign nationals required for the Canadian market.

Last year, some Canadian work permits for foreign nationals were exempted from LMIA. LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment is needed to apply for several Canadian work permits.

An employer needs to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application to the Canadian Government when hiring a foreign national. The Canadian government employee must review the application to determine that employment of the foreign national is justified.

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Purpose of LMIA

The purpose of the LMIA is to ensure that the inclusion of foreign workers will not negatively impact the native workers in Canada.

Canada has TFWP or Temporary Foreign Worker Program to support its workforce. It was brought into effect when no people in the country had the required qualifications to work.

LMIA assesses the impact the hiring would have on the Canadian labor market. The result could be positive, neutral, or negative. It must provide clarity that qualified Canadians were not overlooked in including a foreign worker. The foreign worker will be given the benefits and salaries that meet Canada's provincial and federal standards.

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Jobs exempted from LMIA

Here is a list of jobs that has been exempted from the purview of LMIA.

  • Professionals
  • Investors
  • Traders
  • Self-Employed Engineers
  • Performing artists
  • Technical Workers
  • Intra company transferred employees
  • Workers who come under the francophone of Mobilité
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Guest Lecturer
  • Medical residents and fellows
  • Post-Doctoral fellows

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Difference between IMP and TFWP

Most of the international workers of Canada are categorized under IMP or International Mobility Program. In 2021, the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada issued over three lakhs work permits based on the IMP. The TFWP or Temporary Foreign Worker Program contributed close to one lakh work permits.

The significant distinction between the programs is that IMP does not require the LMIA report. Most of thesework permits are for the fields of substantial benefits and activities that contribute to the growth of the two countries, that is, Canada and the country of origin of the foreign worker.

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Statistics of Work Permits in Canada

Here is a list of the number of permits issued for work by the provinces of Canada.

Province Total work permits under IMP
Ontario 135585
B.C. 55315
Quebec 42910
Not Stated 27420
Alberta 19670
Manitoba 11565
Nova Scotia 7605
Saskatchewan 6710
New Brunswick 4400
Prince Edward Island 2100
Newfoundland and Labrador 1815
Yukon 565
Northwest Territories 175
Nunavut 35

Among all the provinces, Ontario issued the highest work permits. The total work permit issued was 135,585.

Open Work Permit

Most foreign nationals who come to Canada to work need legal authorization by a work permit. The Open Work Permit allows foreign workers to legally work in Canada for any number of employers and in various locations.

There is an open work permit that is convenient for international student graduates. It is also helpful for the youth of specific countries. These countries must have reciprocal agreements with Canada. It also makes provision for the spouses of Canadian citizens and temporary residents.

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