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Posted on October 04 2022

Start working in Canada within 2 weeks through GSS visa, from November 16, 2022

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Highlights of the GSS work visa

  • Global Skills Strategy visa has been introduced to help the employers to employ highly skilled immigrants
  • Immigrants have to meet the eligibility criteria and provide other necessary requirements
  • The processing time of the GSS visa is two weeks

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Get GSS visa within two weeks

Employers in Canada are eager to hire foreign employees for their companies. They are in the need of a visa whose processing can be done at a faster pace. In order to help the employers, Canada has introduced a new work visa called the GSS visa which has the following features:

  • Application processing time is fast
  • Work permit exemptions
  • Enhanced customer service

Foreign nationals have to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for this visa. All the needed requirements have to be submitted with the application. Candidates will not get the facility of 2-week processing time if all the requirements are not submitted with the application.

How Global Skills Strategy works?

There are two pathways which candidates can use to get a 2-week processing time for the GSS visa. These pathways are discussed below along with their requirements:

LMIA Exempt

If you are able to meet the requirements below, you will become eligible for 2-week processing:

  • Candidates have to apply from outside Canada
  • Their job should be of a managerial level or skill level
  • Employer has to submit the employment offer through the employment portal and pay the employer compliance fee

International Experience Canada applicants are not eligible for the processing of the GSS visa.

LMIA Required

If candidates have to apply for an employment for which LMIA is required, they have to meet the requirements below:

  • Candidates have to submit applications from outside Canada.
  • Candidates need to have a positive LMIA via the Global Talent Stream which is a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Eligibility for spouses and dependents

The spouses, common-law partners, and dependents of the primary applicant are also eligible for the 2-week processing for the visa but they have to submit applications along with the main applicant.

This rule is valid for the applications related to:

They have to submit a complete application along with the main applicant.

Ways of getting faster processing

After candidates have gathered the requirements and information from the employers, they have to follow the steps below:

  • Candidates have to submit an application from outside Canada.
    • The complete application may need a medical exam, police certificates, and translated requirements which are not in French or English
    • Candidates have to pay the processing fee
  • Candidates have to submit their biometrics within two weeks if required

Local visa office requirements

Offices for the visas are also available abroad which will provide specific instructions that candidates have to follow. Here are the steps for the candidates who have to follow the local instructions:

  • Candidates have to go to the work permit application page
  • The next step is to select Apply Online
  • Select the country from where the application is being submitted
  • Candidates have to download the country-specific visa office requirements if they are available
  • It is necessary to translate the requirements in to English or French even if the local office says that requirement are accepted in other languages also

Candidates who are not eligible for 2-week processing

These candidates will not be able to get the facility of two-week processing:

  • The applications submitted by the candidates are incomplete
  • Candidates have not included requirements that are to be translated into English or French
  • Candidates have not included the requirements from the local visa office instructions
  • Candidates have not submitted their applications online but have submitted a paper application
  • Candidates have submitted their applications from inside Canada
  • Candidates have submitted an International Experience Canada application

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