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Posted on September 22 2022

Canada on road to invite 470,000 immigrants in 2022

By  Editor
Updated December 20 2023


Highlights: Canada may invite 470,000 in 2022

  • Century initiative wants to increase the Canadian population up to 100 million by 2100
  • IRCC revealed that 274,980 new permanent residents migrated to Canada in the first seven months.
  • Canada may exceed the target of 2022 and welcome 471,394 permanent residents.

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Canada to invite more than 470,000 immigrants in 2022

Immigration in Canada is on a high rise and Century Initiative wants that the population in Canada should go up to 100 million by 2100. IRCC has revealed in a report that Canada has welcomed 274,980 new permanent residents in the first seven months of 2022.

If this will continue, Canada may welcome 471,394 by the end of 2022. Last year, the number of immigrants was 406,025.

Canada Immigration levels plan 2022-2024

According to the immigration plan 2022-2024, Canada will invite many immigrants and the number is shown in the table below:

Year Immigration Levels Plan
2022 431,645 permanent residents
2023 447,055 permanent residents
2024 451,000 permanent residents

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Canada New Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024

Due to the current rate of immigration, not only the target will increase but the target for 2024 may grow by 4.5 percent.

Century Initiative wants Canada to invite 500,000 permanent residents in 2026

In 2019, Century Initiative proposed the targets for 2022 to 2025 which are given in the table below:

Year Proposed number of immigrants
2022 400,000
2023 420,000
2024 450,000
2025 475,000

The organization has plans to invite 500,000 in 2026. Century Initiative also stated that more investments are needed in the settlement services because of the higher immigration levels.

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Comparison of Canada immigration in 2022 with previous years

In comparison to previous years, the number of invitations has increased by 135 percent. The statistics can be found in the table below:

Year Immigration of new PR's in First Seven months
2022 274,980
2021 184,675
2020 158,050
2019 196,850

New pathway for undocumented temporary immigrants

Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister, has plans to help the undocumented workers to get Canada PR. A discussion is being done to introduce pilot programs for the existing undocumented workers who are making a contribution to the Canadian economy.

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Sean Fraser reports, ‘A new pathway to Canada PR for undocumented migrants’

TR to PR Pathways for immigrants

Canada introduced a TR to PR pathway in 2021 in which 90,000 applications were accepted. Whereas in 2022, Sean Fraser is planning a new five pillar strategy for converting temporary visas to permanent visas.

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Sean Fraser plans to allow temporary visa to be converted to permanent visa

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