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Posted on September 14 2022

Sean Fraser reports, 'A new pathway to Canada PR for undocumented migrants'

By  Editor
Updated January 18 2024

Highlights: A new PR pathway for undocumented migrants

  • A new pathway that leads to permanent residency for undocumented workers in Canada is under discussion.
  • Undocumented workers might get regularized status, who have been contributing to the Canadian communities.
  • Around 30,238 asylum seekers entered Canada and claimed to be refugees by crossing the borders unauthorized in the first six months. Out of the total, around 24,877 asylum seekers' documents are pending.

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A new pathway for undocumented workers

Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has been working on a new route that helps undocumented workers to gain permanent residency in Canada.

There has been a discussion sometime to construct pilot programs from the existing ones to regularize or integrate the status of undocumented workers who contribute to Canadian communities.

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Who are Undocumented Migrants?

Undocumented migrants also include workers, who enter Canada without applying for the following documents in the first place -

  • Enter as a temporary foreign worker with a work permit,
  • as an international student with a study permit,
  • as a permanent resident through any of the official immigration programs, that includes:
  • refugees,
  • family sponsorships,
  • skilled workers through the Express Entry system and economic immigration pathways,
  • or through Provincial Nominee Programs.

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The details of the new route, the skill, and education level of the workers, and the number of applications that are allowed are yet to be known. As of now the exact number of undocumented migrants who are living in Canada is unknown.

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Request from Journalists’ Union to provide PR to the Undocumented Migrants in Ottawa

The current discussion of providing regular status for undocumented migrants and accommodating the PR pathway in Canada will make a great difference for over 1.7 million migrants who do not have any secure status in Canada at present. This is been supported by the Journalists’ union, Unifor and they requested the same for the undocumented foreigners who enter Ottawa.

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In the past six months of 2022, IRCC guesstimates that around 30,238 asylum seekers entered Canada and claimed as refugees by crossing the borders unauthorized. Whereas 24,811 of them are still pending the documents check.

In 2021, 79,052 asylum seekers entered Canada through these unauthorized crossings, with 64,254 of them still pending.

Quebec Premier requests to stop the access routes using these unauthorized border crossings

Many undocumented migrants have been entering Quebec, using the Roxham Road border that is present in the Francophone province of Quebec. This has been a political topic for some time and Quebec Premier François Legault requested Ottawa to end the migrants’ entry. According to him, Quebec does not have the capacity to help these undocumented migrants.

But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that it is harder to stop the steady stream of Undocumented foreigners to Canada, and they do not have the intention to close the border as well.

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But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has replied that nothing can be done to stop this current stable stream of undocumented migrants to Canada.

Also stated that the only way to this is to provide similar rights and protections that have been to Canadian and allow them to access all the public programs and the services freely like any citizen of Canada.

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