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Posted on November 10 2022

235th Express Entry Draw issued 4,750 ITAs with a CRS score of 494

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Highlights: Canada issued 4,750 invitations through the 235th Express Entry draw

  • Express Entry draw issued 4,750 ITAs on November 9, 2022
  • Minimum score for this draw was 494, 2 points less than the previous draw
  • 10th All-Program Express Entry draw was held on November 9, 2022
  • This is the #235 Express Entry draw, and issued a total of 41,789 ITAs were issued
  • Candidates who received ITAs are eligible to submit an application for a Canada PR visa within 60 days

*Check your eligibility to migrate to Canada through the Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Details of the #235 Express Entry draw

The number of invitees and the CRS score for this Express Entry draw can be found in the table below:

Draw No. Program Date of Draw ITAs issued CRS score
#235 All Program draw November 9, 2022 4,750 494

IRCC invited 4,750 candidates in the 10th All-Program Express Entry draw

IRCC held its 10th All-Program Express Entry draw on November 9, 2022, in which 4,750 ITAs were issued to candidates having the minimum CRS score of 494. In comparison to the previous Express Entry draw, the CRS score was reduced by two points while the number of invitees remains the same.

Previous All-Program Express Entry draws

The table below will reveal the details of the previous All-Program Express Entry draws held since July 6, 2022:

Draw number Date Immigration program Invitations issued CRS score of lowest-ranked candidate invited
#234 October 26, 2022 No Program Specified 4,750 496
#233 October 12, 2022 No Program Specified 4,250 500
#232 September 28, 2022 No Program Specified 3,750 504
#231 September 14, 2022 No Program Specified 3,250 510
#230 August 31, 2022 No Program Specified 2,750 516
#229 August 17, 2022 No Program Specified 2,250 525
#228 August 3, 2022 No Program Specified 2,000 533
#227 July 20, 2022 No Program Specified 1,750 542
#226 July 6, 2022 No Program Specified 1,500 557

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Express Entry draw issued 4,750 ITAs with CRS score of 496

Canada Express Entry Draw Results, October 2022

Canada Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025

Canada Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced the Immigration Levels Plan on November 1, 2022. The number of immigrants to be invited from 2023 to 2025 through Express Entry can be found in the table below:

Year Number of invitations through Express Entry
2023 82,880
2024 109,020
2025 114,000

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Canada targets 1.5 million migrants by 2025

Canada to invest $1.6 billion for the settlement of new immigrants in 2023-2025

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Canada starts targeting Doctors and Nurses from 2023 draw

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235th Express Entry draw

Canada PR


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