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Posted on September 16 2023

17.5 Lakh Indians obtained foreign citizenships, as per Ministry of External Affairs

By Editor
Updated November 29 2023

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Highlights: Indians Renouncing Citizenship reached highest in 12 Years

  • Over 87,000 Indians gave up citizenship till June this year.
  • 25 lakh Indians renounced their citizenship in 2022.
  • 50 lakh people gave up their Indian citizenship since 2011.
  • The United States is the most popular destination for Indians giving up citizenship.
  • Australia, Canada, and the UK are among the top countries where Indians have chosen to become citizens.

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Analytics of Indians obtaining citizenships in other countries

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar revealed that many Indians have individually renounced their citizenship in recent years. According to the data presented in Lok Sabha, a total of 87,026 Indians gave up their citizenship until June this year. The count has been increasing since the year 2011 to more than 17.5 lakh candidates till now.

Year Citizenships
2023 (till June) 87,026
2022 2,25,620
2021 1,63,370
2020 85,256
2019 1,44,017
2018 1,34,561
2017 1,33,049
2016 1,41,603
2015 1,31,489
2014 1,29,328
2013 1,31,405
2012 1,20,923
2011 1,22,819

Country-wise analytics of Indians obtaining citizenship

The trend of Indian citizens choosing to give up their nationality has increased in the last two decades. Many individuals opt for foreign citizenship for personal convenience. The United States has become the top destination for Indians who have given up their citizenship, with 788,284 individuals becoming citizens of the US in 2021 alone. Australia, Canada, and the UK attracted 23,533, 21,597, and 14,637 individuals, respectively.

In addition, significant numbers of Indians have opted to become citizens of the countries mentioned in the table below:

Country Citizenships
USA immigration 7,88,284
Australia immigration 23,533
Canada immigration 21,597
UK immigration 14,637
Italy immigration 5,986
New Zealand immigration 2,187
Sweden immigration 1,841
Spain immigration 1,595

Minister Jaishankar says, Indian overseas population is increasing….

Immigration Minister Jaishankar recognizing the importance of the Indian community abroad as an asset to the nation. A prosperous, successful, and influential diaspora is an advantage for the Indian government to uplift the national gain by utilizing its network and reputation.

India’s overseas population is spread across many countries, with the maximum number of citizens residing in the United States numbering over 4 million. Gulf countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia also have Indian communities, with 3.5 million and 2.5 million Indians, respectively.

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Web Story: 17.5 Lakh Indians obtained foreign citizenships, as per Ministry of External Affairs



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