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Posted on March 30 2017

Studying abroad: More advantages than one can dream of

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Studying abroad

The unmistakable advantage of studying in an advanced country is that a higher standard of education is provided along with a better quality of life and the opportunity to earn more money than is possible in your homeland. Besides, there are other understated benefits like getting exposure to the very different learning methods or an opportunity to get used to a new culture and people from a different culture.

Study abroad prepares you to face the unexpected and tougher aspects of life. These experiences, however, are very rewarding because they make you understand many new things and take you to newer heights. Studying abroad, therefore, will be highly beneficial and life-changing as well.

Though India has enough institutions that provide higher education because there are any number of reputed universities, colleges affiliated to them and private institutions, about three lakh students leave India to study in a foreign country as they cannot find a course of their choice or are have to face tough competition for limited seats/openings offered by reputed institutions.

That is the reason why study abroad has emerged as an alternate solution to tackle the increasing demand for world-class quality education.

Let’s go through some of the less highlighted advantages:

1. Application oriented education:

Indian system concentrates on the gathering of knowledge and memory recall, causing Indians to perform well in quantitative subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths...) where studying a whole lot of material elevates your skill levels.

The teaching methods abroad, however, are intense, as teaching emphasizes on live case-studies, practical and analytical tests. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in at least one extracurricular activity, besides the regular curriculum. They attract the best students and teachers and always keep syllabus abreast to real world requirements, providing top-drawer infrastructural facilities with labs that well equipped. Research and innovation take more of precedence here.

2. Universal frontage

Global exposure means learning from different people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This cross-cultural learning will provide innovative and exciting learning environments. One also gets invaluable experiences when interacting with students who revel in challenges, are driven to explore new developments in the world and realise their full potential. Such education enables one to be the change agent in a socio-economic technological environment.

3. Quality academic relationship

The type of teaching one is exposed to there is radically different in approach. Unlike the relationship shared in India where it’s formal and one-way between teacher and student, the professor's role in international universities goes beyond the classroom and conventional working hours. This makes a world of difference as professors there are not just classroom instructors, but are friends for students. They help out If students harbour any doubts and also participate in discussions where the interaction is not restricted only to textual topics, but to anything beyond that too. This instills confidence in a student and gives him/her the space to understand and apply knowledge; from a 'theoretical' to 'practical'.

In the end, it is the exposure to these inexplicable elements that, in turn, influence how a person thinks, views and envisions the future. As for the abstract benefits, it is the personal growth, the intercultural development, the invaluable exposure to international learning, the working environment and exposure to innovative ideas and perspectives that matter.

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Studying abroad


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