Work Permit Visa

Work Visas or Work Permits allow you to work full time in a country.

Job Search Visas allow you to enter a country to search for a job. After you find one you can begin working and process your work visa.

Y-Axis assists those who

  • Are looking for a job & need a work visa or work permit.
  • Have a job & need to apply for a work visa or work permit.

There is a shift in international visa rules & instead of skilled migration; most countries are now focused on employer sponsored visas.

Last year alone Canada issued over 200,000 work visas, Australia over 68000 and the UK over 42000. Europe has introduced the EU Blue card to allow foreign workers to come and work in Europe.

The world is looking for skilled professionals & visas are being readily issued.

Y-Axis offers a number of services for candidates who are interested in working overseas. So whether it’s a TSS (457) visa for Australia or a Temporary Foreign Worker Visa for Canada or an EU blue card for Europe.

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