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Posted on June 27 2022

Scholarships and job opportunities in Europe attract record number of Indian students to Italy

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Why should you study in Italy?

  • Italy offers inexpensive education in English
  • The institutions have decades of legacy in imparting education
  • International students can learn Italian for free
  • The scholarships for studying in Italy are need based or merit based
  • International graduates can find employment in Healthcare, IT, Hospitality, STEM, Engineering,

Italy has been a hub of education for international students. A considerable number of young students flock to this European peninsula each year to pursue their education at reputable institutions. The country is one of the top choice when it comes to select a country to study abroad.

The University Magazine ranked Italy among the top study overseas destinations. Italy was placed in the second spot after the UK. The country beat France, Spain, Germany, China, Japan, Ireland, Australia, and Costa Rica.

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Top Universities of Italy

Here are some of the top universities in Italy:

  • Sapienza University of Rome
  • University of Padua
  • University of Pavia, Lombardy
  • Politecnico di Milaono, Milan
  • University of Florence
  • Bocconi University, Milan
  • University of Bologna

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Scholarships in Italy

All the students in Italy are awarded the same financial assistance and scholarships based on merit and economic needs. Italian universities offer various scholarship opportunities for international students. The scholarships can waive full or partial tuition fees, accommodation, grants, and the like. Here are some of the popular scholarships for Indian students in Italy:

  • Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

The scholarship is for those international students who wish to register for the first cycle of undergraduate studies, the second cycle of postgraduate studies, or single cycle study programs. It covers the complete academic fee.

  • Scuola Normale Superiore Ph.D. Scholarships

This scholarship is aimed at Ph.D. students, and they are granted a full waiver of their tuition fees. The students would also receive funds for their research.

  • Bocconi Merit and International Awards

The students receive complete waivers for tuition fees as well as accommodation expenses. This scholarship is aimed at any students enrolled at Bocconi University.

  • Italian Government Scholarship Program for Foreign Students

This scheme facilitates these scholarships by the MAECI or Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy. International students pursuing their higher education in Italy are fully or partially exempted from fees, depending on the institution.

  • Politecnico di Milano Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students

This scholarship is aimed at international students who are pursuing their Master of Science degree in Italy. It is awarded to those students who are having exceptional academic merit.

  • Padua International Excellence Scholarship Programme

The University of Padua offers the scholarship. It provides forty-three scholarships for promising students who want to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in English in Padua, Italy.

  • Università Cattolica International Scholarships

The UCSC International Scholarship is a fee waiver awarded annually. The Università Cattolica facilitates the scholarship. It is the largest private college in Europe.

  • EDISU Piemonte Scholarships

The scholarship is aimed at the international students studying at the Universities of Piedmont. They should be pursuing a full-time Undergraduate, Post-graduate, or Ph.D. degrees at any of their schools.

  • Politecnico di Torino International Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to the students pursuing a Master of Science degree at Politecnico di Milano. It is a merit-based scholarship.


Study abroad with the help of international scholarships

Advantages of Studying in Italy

The international students pursuing their education in Italy can benefit in multiple ways by studying in this country. The student life, higher education system, and estimated expenses are essential factors to be considered. Here are some advantages of studying in Italy:

  • Public universities do not charge a tuition fee.
  • Some courses are taught in English.
  • Italian speaking classes are provided for free.
  • The Italian universities free pass to all museums in Italy. Multiple universities in Italy offer opportunities for internships in Italy as well as in other European countries.

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Learn a New Language to Progress in your Career

The best ways to choose the city to study abroad

Job Opportunities in Italy

There has been a boom in the number of Indian candidates applying for a job in Italy. Often, international students get employment after graduating from an Italian institute. There are more than 600 Italian companies operating in India. They are keen to utilize the talent of Indian students.

The northern parts of Italy, including Veneto, Lombardia, Piemonte, and Emilia Romagna, are highly industrialized regions. There is a need for skilled professionals in the technology, IT, and medical sectors. The multiple employment opportunities attract international students to work in Italy.

The Indian students can highly benefit from employment in this field. The income for this field ranges from 1200 to 16,000 Euros per month. Additionally, the country offers a healthy work-life balance with only 36 hours per week at the workplace.

Graduating from Italy gives you a bright career with minimal tuition fees and a high return on investment through employment in the country.

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