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Posted on June 08 2022

The best ways to choose the city to study abroad

By  Editor
Updated May 22 2024

Clue in to:  

  • List out the important factors
  • Choose the best country
  • Note down list of top universities in the country you decided to study
  • Check the city’s infrastructure and safety measures
  • Career prospects and employment opportunities

Why Study overseas? Many young students aspire to study overseas. They desire to get a quality education and hope for better employment opportunities and progress in their field with greater prospects abroad. But, it would be best if you decided where you want to study. Determining a suitable place to study abroad after Class 12 requires some important considerations.

Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia can be trusted to offer quality education through renowned universities. But why are these countries so sought after when young students plan to study in a foreign country? How do you choose an apt country or city when you decide to study abroad.

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Well, here are a few factors that would help in making the decision better. These are crucial points of consideration that one needs to keep in mind when deciding where to study overseas.

  • Top Ranking Universities

The presence of multiple top-ranking universities influences the decision of many students wishing to study overseas. These cities have become hubs for academic excellence. The options for courses and colleges are also many in such places. Going to such cities can boost the number of professional opportunities and social opportunities, as well, for international students.

  • Affordability

Inexpensive living and studying are essential factors for students to survive while also leading a good lifestyle. The cost of tuition fees has a decisive role in a student's life living in a foreign city in a country overseas. Affordability in fees, food, accommodation, and travel will influence the choice of city.

  • Entertainment opportunities

Student life should be engaging for the student rather than monotonous and challenging. On the campus, they should search for social interactions and community activities. For a life outside the campus, there should be exciting and fun-filled events happening to balance the efforts they put into their academics. Music festivals, sporting events, shopping, theatre, and nightlife contribute to the experience. It will make studying exciting too.

  • Career prospects and employment opportunities

The availability of opportunities for internships, part-time employment, and research opportunities are crucial to enhancing the studying experience. Cities that are known to have a positive outlook for employees and well-paid employment opportunities attract students.

  • Student safety

The safety of students is a significant concern for any international student in a city in a foreign country. The sense of being secure comes from secure neighborhoods, warm natives, and the absence of unjust practices like racism. Students should have the option to explore the city, live without any worries, and study according to their convenience without any inhibition.

  • Student mix

'Student mix' is a term used to indicate the proportion of the population of students to the population of the city. Places with a good student mix have good tolerance and appreciation for foreign national students. Exposure to people from various parts of the world has a positive influence on such cities.

  • City infrastructure

The infrastructure of a desirable student-friendly city will be high-end too. There will be good civic amenities, an extensive transportation system, and affordable facilities to aid the students in living a comfortable life and focusing on their studies.

Hopefully, the above information made it easier for you to choose an apt city for yourself.

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