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Y-Axis helps you, make the most of this huge investment in time and cost with our proven approach to studying abroad
in leading countries like Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Germany and many more countries. Unlike others, we do not partner
with universities and are unbiased in our recommendations for students.

This transparency coupled with our end-to-end support makes us the preferred vendor for students seeking to study
abroad. Our Campus Ready Solution is popular among students and working professionals as a one-stop solution
for all their career overseas plans.

  • Guidance on profile by experienced senior counselors for selecting right course
  • Understanding the student: Interested subject/country for study destination.
  • Based on thorough research by collecting the student eligibility requirements like academics, budget etc.
  • Details of student on campus location, rankings, total cost of studying and living overseas.
  • Country specific admission document and check list.
  • Assisting on colleges/university’s response post submission of admission applications
  • Receiving the offer letters from universities and submitting the student visa
  • End to end process of submitting the online admission application, SOP/LOR/Essay, coaching and visas

Covid-19 is not the end of Globalization. Envision Overseas education with a new perspective and emerge as a Global Indian.

Y-Axis has the scale and expertise team to help students to understand the current situation and guiding them “HOW and WHEN
needs to submit the admission application. Contacting with admission team via calls and emails to gather the relevant information
in the respective country/college/university/Visa information/Travel restriction if any etc. So that students can access the world class
education and then turn this accomplishment into a career launchpad. Our package of services helps students build their dream
life whether they want to work, settle or just study abroad.

How it works?

Y-Axis Study Overseas


Course Recommendation: choosing the right course and college is critical to ensuring your prospects are bright. Countries
across the world have opened their doors to international students and the choice now lies with students. With our understanding
of the overseas education and career sectors, Y-Axis has the knowledge to help you make the right decision.

Admission Process: LIVE Updates from the Universities/Colleges on the current admissions. The Transcripts may be provided
on a later date while semester wise marksheets can be submitted and processed.  Issuing the customized check list which
have the list of the documents which are required for admission application. Basic documents will be passport bio pages,
10th class,12th class, bachelors consolidated mark sheet and individual mark sheets, IELTS/TOFEL , GRE/GMAT score etc.

Statement of Purpose: SOP has to be described about student interested towards the course ,why interested to apply to country
and also future plan after study

Letter of Recommendations: LORS can be academic and professional, you can share the referees contact information through
email for an easy application process .

Student Visa- Applying: for a student visa can be daunting for young students. The documentation and compliance required
for this process can get quickly overwhelming. Y-Axis makes the process smoother for you with our dedicated student visa
services. We help you make sense of visa requirements and file an application which has the highest chance of success.

  • Passport and travel history
  • Educational credentials
  • Financial documentation
  • Admissions information from your college
  • Transcripts and other documents
Should I postpone my plans to study abroad?

No need to postpone. Most Experts foreseen the virus will last for 45 days and the situation will be normal in upcoming days. When this happens the students will not be able to apply for admission immediately. In order to save the time, please proceeds with admission application, In fact, none of the college or university has stopped issuing the admission letters

If you are ready with admission letter, then will able to complete the visa application as when situation under control.  Please note Fall will be the big intake for most of the countries.Entering in the Fall Semester has many advantages like part time and internships.

If we are postponing the planes, then mostly intake will be lost and may lose interest, distract etc.

Student career must move accordingly to timely manner plan. Hence definitely no need to post pone because of temporary issue.

Are the admission offices open?

The Admission officers are responding to the queries . Even accepting the online applications and also providing the responses to applied applications. In fact, receiving the normal flow of replies as usual when compare with old days in terms of favorable outcome.

Will there be face-to-face classes or online classes and Are there any future plans for classroom teaching after lockdown due to Covid-19 effect?

At the moment the situation is uncertain, Hence the Curriculum has been structed to be online until the travel ban is active, but yes, if travel ban and lockdown is lifted the plan is to return to campus.

Will there be any difference in the tuition fee structure until as the classes are planned to schedule online?

Yes, there might be chances for the tuition fee reduction.

Will the Admission Offer letter be deferred?

If you are ready with admission letter but unable to complete the student visa with the current situation then can ask for deferment. Ideally universities/colleges are responding with alternative options to the student who has the admit but unable to travel. Alternative options may be deferment, online classes or intake dates extensions etc.

Will the universities be open?

Universities are still working as receiving the responses. As explained above based on situation, universities/colleges are responding with alternative options to the student who has the admit but unable to travel. Alternative options may be deferment, online classes or intake dates extensions etc.

Will the consulate issue visa?

Consulates may not issue the visas till the situation comes under control. We can submit the online application whichever countries allow/accept the online application.

Will the airlines be open?

Currently Airlines services have been closed for all the countries. However, expected to open once situation is under control. Please note, this will be the very last stage of study overseas process. Hence advisable to complete the admission process and be ready with admit.

Are the tests center's open for IELTS/PTE/GRE/GMAT?

Yes, IELTS test’s can completed through online platform. However, most of the universities/colleges will accept the slot booking copies in order to complete the admission applications within the deadline. Student can submit the score during the process or once receive the conditional offer letter.

Can I postpone my IELTS/GRE Test?

It is advisable to complete the test through online platform as soon as you complete your coaching , The students who postpone may be stuck with jobs and other personal commitments and may not score the required marks.

Can we proceed admission application without Transcript/Notary/Hard copy lor’s.

Yes, you can proceed, in fact universities are also advising students to submit only soft copies.

What would be the situation in future in case if I postpone study abroad plan for 2022/next year ?

Competition might be high and there are chances that universities may increase tuition fee, less application acceptance rate, Limited seats for international students comparatively domestic.

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