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Posted on June 17 2022

Learn a New Language to Progress in your Career

By  Editor
Updated December 14 2023

Why to learn a new language? 

  • Learning a new foreign language is beneficial for career growth
  • It is considered as a soft-skill
  • Fluency in a foreign language generates more employment opportunities in a country overseas
  • It helps in better communication between the individual/company and client
  • One can ask for higher salaries with this skill

Things you need to know while learning a foreign language

The world has become increasingly interdependent in the past few decades, and advanced technologies have made places more accessible. It has facilitated people to work closely with others from across the world. As the relationships between the countries grow, there is a requirement to speak a foreign language for better communication. It helps in mutual growth.

Now, some people have an enhanced requirement of evolved citizenship that is both linguistically and culturally prepared to participate in the activities of the current world scenarios.

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Benefits of learning a foreign language

There has been a demand for those kinds of people who can address the communication gap between cultures. They are more in need than ever before. There are increased resources and opportunities to learn a foreign language. Access is more readily available today than it was in the past.

With multiple benefits of learning foreign languages, one can consider learning new languages.

Some foreign language courses are available online, making learning the languages more accessible. One can understand the intricacies of the language and fit the flexible class timings in their busy schedule.

  1. Job Opportunities for Multilingual People

Being fluent in more than one language gives a person an advantage over other people during job interviews. These sorts of job opportunities are present in all companies dealing with marketing, tourism, and many more.

It is not surprising that multiple corporations want employees who can speak many languages.

The world is increasingly becoming global, and there is a requirement for professionals who can communicate fluently in languages more than one.

According to the estimates by the U.S. Department of Labor, there has been a 42 percent increase in the demand for translators and interpreters over the next decade.

  1. Adds Advantages in Interviews

The individual's ability to communicate in a foreign language boosts their chances of getting preference over other candidates who can speak only one language.

Knowing another language improves the chances of being selected for jobs amongst other candidates with similar skills.

A 2013 study by the British Chambers of Commerce reported that over 60 percent of the companies are inhibited by language barriers in matters of foreign trade.

  1. Negotiate Higher Salaries

Employees who know a foreign language can ask for a higher salary. A recruitment agency had stated that skills in communicating in a foreign language could add up to 10-15 percent to the salary.

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  1. Opportunities for Career Growth

The ability to speak another foreign language gives individuals the liberty to migrate overseas and look for other jobs or conduct business to progress in their careers. The only condition is that the person should know the language of the country they intend to move to.

Small-scale companies need multilingual employees to help them explore more business opportunities in overseas countries.

The individual need not be fluent in a foreign language, but they should be proficient in the language. The corporations require translators to help them with foreign communications, but they still want representatives and managers with experience. The employee acts as a company representative in foreign markets and interacts with the client in one common language.

  1. Relationship Building

Communicating with anyone in their own language removes barriers and allows them to feel comfortable and confident. If one can speak a second or third language, it transcends dialogue. It lets a person find a place in an unfamiliar cultural group in a personal manner.

This kind of equation is necessary for any business setup. It leads to improved business results. Knowing the client's native language helps elevate the business and professional relationship.

The more one speaks in a foreign language, the better they get at it.

  1. Appeal to Global Companies

International companies want to broaden their reach across the world. They do so by hiring candidates who can integrate effortlessly into other cultures and address the communication gap between the two entities. By learning a foreign language, the skill gives you the opportunity to be labeled as a global employee.

Which foreign languages are the most sought-after?

People who can speak more than one language are much in demand nowadays.

According to the annual report by CBI/Pearson Education and Skills named, "Brexit demands a new focus on foreign language skills." Learning a new foreign language can help people by adding to their understanding of the world. It fosters curiosity and gives them exposure to other cultures.

One can indeed say "much to be gained from being able to express thoughts in another language."

Proficiency in a foreign language can significantly enhance one's career prospects.

With flexible timings and inexpensive coaching options for courses available for learning a foreign language, one can conveniently learn a new language.

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