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Posted on January 31 2023

Most Affordable Canadian Universities 2023

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

Most Affordable Canadian Universities 2023

 In the recent past, Canada has been one of the most economical destinations to pursue higher education for foreign students globally. Foreign students prefer this North American country because it is home to some renowned universities that charge reasonably. These universities offer a wide range of programs. Canadian universities' tuition fees vary between CAD 12,000 to CAD 30,000. Apart from the low tuition fees, the cost of living is also cheap, the country is safe to live in and offers excellent work opportunities.  Meanwhile, foreign students can pay for the fees by securing scholarships and grants.

McGill University

McGill, a public university, which was established in 1821, is an inexpensive university in Canada. McGill is known for its teaching and research programs. It also ranks in the top 50 world universities in QS and Times Higher Education (THE) rankings. The university houses students from multi-ethnic backgrounds. The average tuition fee for bachelor’s programs in this university begins at CAD 24,000.

University of Guelph

Founded in 1964, the University of Guelph is reasonably priced in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The university is renowned for courses in agriculture sciences, food sciences, and veterinary sciences. Students can opt for a wide range of short-term programs and degree programs. The average tuition fee for bachelor’s programs begins at CAD 30,000 per year.

University of Calgary

Located in Alberta province, the University of Calgary is a reasonably priced university that comprises four campuses, with one being in Doha, Qatar. This university offers popular courses in accounting and finance, business and economics, computer sciences, and engineering and technology. The average tuition fee charged for undergraduate courses commences at CAD 35,000 per year.

University of Saskatchewan (Usask)

Established in 1907, Usask is one of the cheapest universities in Canada. The average tuition fee that this university charges for its bachelor’s programs begins at CAD 29,800 per year. Some of the top courses that the university of Saskatchewan are in business and economics, computer sciences, and engineering & technology. Usask has students from all over the world.

Memorial University of New Foundland (MUN)

The Memorial University of New Foundland, a large university in Atlantic Canada, was founded in 1925. MUN offers about 200-degree programs in several subjects. One of the affordable universities in Canada offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The average cost of a bachelor’s program at MUN begins at CAD 11,460. The university’s top courses are in computer science, mechanical engineering, and nursing so on.

University of Manitoba (UM)

Founded in 1877, the University of Manitoba is one of the more reasonably priced universities in Canada. It offers 100 + programs in bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD courses. The average tuition fee for bachelor’s programs begins at CAD 18,100 per year.

Concordia University

Concordia University is one of Canada’s top universities for foreign students. The university’s popular courses are offered in the disciplines of computer science, engineering, and economics, among others. The average tuition fee at this university is CAD 22,000 per year.

Brandon University

Founded in 1967, Brandon University in Manitoba province is a very affordable university in Canada, where courses are offered in bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate programs.

It offers courses in diverse disciplines, like business administration, education, environmental science, fine arts, humanities, nursing, etc. This university offers value for money. A university with a multicultural environment charges an average tuition fee is CAD 16,000 per year.

University of Ottawa (UOttawa)

Considered one of the largest bi-lingual universities in the world, UOttawa is ranked #162 in Times Higher Education’s (THE) in its list of top universities of 2022. A reasonably priced university, it is home to 40,000 students. This university offers courses in several streams, such as arts, business administration, education, engineering, law, and medicine, among others, at one of the cheapest universities in Canada. The university’s average tuition fee is about CAD 33,000 per year.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta, which offers programs in arts, commerce, science, etc., houses over 9,000 foreign students. This university charges an average tuition fee of about CAD 30,000 per year.

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