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Posted on January 25 2023

Which province in Canada has more job opportunities in 2023?

By  Editor
Updated March 26 2024

If you intend to relocate to Canada, you should find out the best provinces in that country for most job openings. It may be necessary to secure job opportunities as quickly as possible after you land in Canada. If you know what are the most in-demand careers in each of the provinces, you can decide to move based on your occupation.


British Columbia

The Canadian province which saw the most employment growth was British Columbia in 2021. It has registered an increase in employment by 6.6%.


Job Opportunities in Canada

Registered Nurses

If you have education or training in nursing, you can become a registered nurse. Nurses earn an average wage of CAD 41.00 an hour. They will be in demand in British Columbia until the next decade, with job openings numbering 20,150.


 Information System Architects

 It is an ideal job for those who possess knowledge and skills in information systems. There are more than 13,000 job opportunities for information system architects who earn an average pay of CAD 37.00 an hour.


Computer Programmers

British Columbia has a lot of openings for computer programmers. Their average wage per hour is CAD 43.25.


Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has a lot of job opportunities on offer for immigrants. Its employment rate increased by 5.4%.


Service Sector

 If you are looking to work in the service sector, you may wish to live in Nova Scotia. The year 2021 witnessed the creation of 18,700 full-time jobs in this sector, mainly in transportation and warehousing, where CAD 15.88 is the average wage per hour.


Construction Employees

The construction industry has a lot of openings on offer for migrants, causing jobs to rise by 33% to 35% in the last few years. In Nova Scotia, their average salaries are CAD 36,000 a year.


Manufacturing Segment

In the manufacturing segment, the province of Nova Scotia saw employment grow by 31% to 32% per year. A production worker earns, on average, CAD 15.50 per hour or could also hold managerial positions by earning $150,000 per year on average.



The province of Alberta expects to see a growth of more than 100,000 job openings per year from 2020 to 2030. While some jobs have risen due to expansion, other jobs need replacements. As the numbers of job seekers are considerably lower than its job opportunities, it is one of the best provinces for job in Canada.


Primary Teachers and Daycare Tutors

The pandemic saw many primary teachers and daycare tutors leaving their jobs in Alberta. The salaries of these professionals range from CAD 35,000 to CAD 115,000. Owing to this, the province badly requires primary teachers to fill the gap. The requirement will further rise in the coming few years.


 Truck Drivers

Alberta needs over a thousand truck drivers this year. They can earn, on average, between CAD 25 and CAD 35 per hour.


Construction Employees

Construction employees are in demand in most of Canada’s provinces. They earn, on average CAD 25 per hour. The province of Alberta will see more than 40,000 construction employees retire or leave the construction industry before 2030.



Of late, Ontario has become the best Canadian province for job openings.


Database Analysts

Owing to advancements in technology, database analysts are required in high numbers in Ontario. They can earn, on average, CAD 66,000 per year in this position.


 Software Professionals

Software professionals are in–demand in most Canadian provinces. In Ontario, the average yearly wage for them is CAD 85,000 per year, which can increase with educational qualifications and work experience.


 Media Developers

 Media developers will be in demand until 2028 in Ontario. Their average base salaries begin at CAD 60,000 a year and rise to CAD 80,000 with significant experience. Quebec offers many jobs to those who speak French fluently. The unemployment rate in this province is 3.90%.


Financial Sector

Quebec expects 2023 to be a promising year for job openings in the financial sector. Skilled professionals in this industry can earn, on average, incomes of CAD 55,000 per year.



It is expected that around 50,000 new engineers will be required in Quebec. The salaries that these professionals can earn would be CAD 73,000 per year.


Software Programmers

The Quebec government is considering making the province the Silicon Valley of Canada. Owing to this, jobs in software programming and associated jobs are predicted to rise in the next ten years. Their average salary is CAD 40 per hour, which will increase further.


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Canadian provinces having more job vacancies

Provinces of Canada with more job opportunities


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