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Posted on January 24 2023

How to migrate from Dubai to Australia in 2023?

By  Editor
Updated April 27 2023

Why Australia?

  • 8th Happiest country in the world
  • Inviting half-a-million migrants by 2024
  • 400,000 jobs lying vacant for 100+ days
  • $28.8 million allotted for immigrants
  • Migrate to Australia within 6-8 months along with PR visa
  • Earn 5 to 8 times your current salary
  • FREE Education for your Children
  • Retirement Benefits

*Check you eligibility through the Australia immigration points Calculator

Australia is a go-to destination for immigrants from Dubai. Migrating to Australia is attainable through various visa programs and policies. There are also sub-classes of visas that can be availed by candidates who meet specific criteria. The Australian immigration process is well-organized and updated to streamline the right migrants who qualify for the given visas. Every program comes with its list of criteria for eligibility. Australia follows a system that is points-based to evaluate the acceptability of the candidates. To qualify, the person must score 65 points or more.

Let’s look at some of the visa options that you can avail to migrate from Dubai to Australia in 2023.

Visa Options to migrate from Dubai to Australia

The government of Australia has redone the levels of planning of migration and the available slots in the immigration program. The table given below shows the availability of slots in the migration program in 2022-2023:

Visa Stream Visa Category 2022-23
Skill Employer Sponsored 35,000
Skilled Independent 32,100
Regional 34,000
State/Territory Nominated 31,000
Business Innovation & Investment 5,000
Global Talent (Independent) 5,000
Distinguished Talent 300
Skill Total 142,400
Family Partner* 40,500
Parent 8,500
Child* 3,000
Other Family 500
Family Total 52,500
Special Eligibility** 100
Total Migration Program 195,000

Skilled stream

The GSM program lets skilled workers apply for a visa. A given criterion needs to be fulfilled to become eligible for this program. Some of the requirements include the following -

  • Anybody below the age of 45
  • The skill chosen by the candidate must be included in the medium and long-term strategic skills list of the government.
  • The candidate's skills must be carefully analyzed by a concerned authority that belongs to the same field of work.
  • Meet the given medical requirements.
  • Maintain a good code of conduct.

Three different sub-categories come under the skilled migration program .

Independent skilled visa (subclass 189)

An EOI (Expression of Interest) must be submitted through Skillset before applying for this visa which can be done from within the country or outside of it. Only ITA are accepted under this category, and some of the eligibility criteria include the following –

  • Have previously been employed in a skill-based occupation listed in Australia's skilled occupations list.
  • Get a report from an authorized personnel that evaluates your chosen field's skills.
  • Give in an EOI.
  • Must be under the age of 45.
  • The skilled migration criteria must be complied with.
  • Score at least 65 points in the points-based grading.
  • Meet the medical and character requirements.
  • A visa must be applied for within two months of receiving an ITA.

Visa for skilled nominees (subclass 190)

Sub class 190 visa is for candidates who receive a nomination from a territory or state in Australia. The advantages and criteria are very similar to that of subclass 189. The only exception would be for the candidate to have an experience in any of the skills listed in the occupations list.

Regional skilled work (provisional) subclass 491 visa

In this visa, skilled workers and their families be employed, or study in the given provinces or regions for a minimum of five years. The worker will become eligible for a PR post the completion of 3 years in the country.

Other migration options

Employer-sponsored migration

Australia is currently searching for skilled workers who can contribute to the country and the economy. Skilled migrants add to the skill and talent of the workforce. Employer-sponsored migration is when Australian employers sponsor immigrants with a better chance of growing in their careers.

Business innovation and investment program

This type of visa is for business people, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives working on setting up or creating new businesses in Australia. This also allows them to boost the chances of acquiring a PR

Distinguished talent visa

This category has candidates who have contributed significantly to the country or society through art, sports, or academic research. The Distinguished Talent visa is further divided into subclasses, 858 and 124.

Family stream

The family stream can be opted for by candidates who have relatives that are citizens of Australia or hold permanent residency. The category includes dependent children, spouses, and parents of citizens of Australia. Others include grandparents, caregivers, etc., that are considered family members.

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The skilled stream category in the immigration policy has 79,000+ slots in immigration that takes up most of the seats. Candidates with a higher score and those who align with the eligibility criteria have a better chance of gaining an Australia PR.

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Migrating to Dubai from Australia in 2023 is one of the best decisions as it comes with many new opportunities and chances.  

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