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Posted on June 30 2022

How do I get in the Canada Express Entry pool?

By  Editor
Updated November 25 2023

Highlights of Express Entry

  • Canada immigrates skilled workers using the popular Express Entry method by registering online.
  • The Canadian Government uses Electronic-Key to secure and protect foreign national information online.
  • An applicant who creates an IRCC secure account either by registering with GCKey known as Government of Canada Key, or can register with a Sign-In partner (Banks or Credit Unions with SecureKey Technologies).

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Express Entry immigration programs

International newcomers are willing to move to Canada through the fastest route called the Express Entry system as skilled workers. Create your online profile by giving answers on the federal government website before applying. You can check if your profile is eligible under any federal immigration programs:

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The draws related to the programs are based on the Express Entry pool. Each program has its requirements that an international worker needs to meet.

All three program draws that are related to Express Entry are set to restart from July 6 to work on backlog applications piled up during the pandemic.

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Express Entry Eligibility Online tool

Express Entry eligibility online tool is an easy-to-use tool, which helps the candidates to immigrate and helps to apply for the language tests to take, and the scores to fill, provide work experience and the domain they worked on.

Assuming the applicant is eligible for one of the three federal programs that use Express Entry, the website will then advise them on the following steps.

After filling in all the details and getting everything right with the eligibility, the website provides the applicant with a personal reference code valid for a couple of months. The personal reference code the applicant received is used only for a person's profile, which is needed when the applicant is applying for online immigration.

The Federal Government suggests that the personal reference code is used only to restore the applicant's information. In contrast, Ottawa instructs the applicants to print the steps that are required to move further in the application process. The international newcomers must log in and submit their online profiles to the Express Entry system.

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Electronic key

The applicant needs to worry about the safety and security of their information online, as the Canadian Government uses a secure 'Electronic Key' to protect the IRCC Account information. It. It also allows the candidates to post their express entry profile.

The application allows you to create an application, submit and pay for the application, receive messages that are related to the application, check the status of the application, and update the information if needed. Acquisition of these electronic-keys process is very simple and can be done in two possible ways.

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The Sign-In partners

The applicant can create and prepare an IRCC secure and safe account by registering with GCKey (Government of Canada Key) or with partners like banks or credit unions having SecureKey Technologies.

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The process to register with GCKey

  • The first step is to Sign Up, read the terms and conditions and click on I Accept.
  • Create 'Username' and 'Password' and then create security questions and responses and click on 'Sign Up' after reading the Terms and Conditions and click on 'I accept and then,
  • Enter your information to create your account by following the steps.

The process of registering with a sign-in partner

  • First, go to the website and choose your financial institution; if no financial institution is listed, register with GCKey.
  • Provide the banking 'Sign-In' information, read the 'Terms and Conditions and 'I Accept.'
  • Enter complete information and create your account by following the steps.

The applicants who have received an electronic key can go directly go to the log-in page as registered users. Then the applicant gets a prompt to create an account, select 'Express Entry,' and provide the personal code.

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Instructions to Complete Express Entry Profile

The applicant requires specific documents such as language test results and NOC code with job title to complete the Express Entry profile and can exit the profile at any time as the system saves the information and can return within 60 days and complete the profile and submit.

The applicant can choose a profession listed under Canada's National Occupational Classification (NOC), which has around 500 occupations.

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NOC system categories jobs for immigration

NOC System category jobs are classified as follows.

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NOC Type

Classification of Jobs
Type 0

Management Jobs

Level A

Professional jobs that require skill
Level B

Technical job that requires diploma or training

Level C

Intermediate job that requires secondary school education or on-the-job training
Level D

Jobs that provide on-the-job training

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