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Posted on September 18 2022

Do you want to work in North America's top 10 tech markets?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Highlights: Work in North America’s top ten tech market

  • Number of tech jobs growing in Vancouver and Toronto
  • Toronto ranked at number 3 and Vancouver was ranked at number 8 in the tech market of North America.
  • The percentage growth was highest in Vancouver which is 63 percent

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Top Ten Tech Markets

The table below will show the Top Ten Tech Markets in North America:

2022 Ranking Tech Talent Market
1 San Francisco Bay Area, USA
2 Seattle, USA
3 Toronto, Canada
4 Washington, D.C., USA
5 New York, USA
6 Austin, USA
7 Boston, USA
8 Vancouver, Canada
9 Dallas/Fort Worth, USA
10 Denver, USA

Growth of tech jobs in top ten markets in North America

The growth of tech jobs in Vancouver and Toronto is growing at a fast pace. There is a need of overseas skilled workers to fill these positions.  According to the North American market report, Toronto and Vancouver have been placed in the list of top ten tech talent market. Toronto has been ranked at number three in the tech market while Vancouver was ranked at number eight.

Job growth in 2016 and 2021

Toronto has shown a great growth for the past five years which came to an end in 2021. The tech talent job growth in different cities in Canada can be found in the table below:

City Tech talent job growth
Toronto 88,900
Seattle 45,560
Vancouver 44,460

Quebec has also shown growth in its tech market during the past five years. If we talk about the percentage growth, the highest percentage was gained by Vancouver followed by Toronto and Quebec. The growth can be found in the table below:

City Percentage growth
Vancouver 63
Toronto 44
Quebec 43

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New tech hubs in Canada

Ontario is being considered as an innovation hub for tech growth as it has reached up to its peak point. Toronto, Waterloo, and Seattle have become the concentrated market for tech sector. The total employment growth rose between 9.6 percent and 10.3 percent. In spite of the fact that Canada has a lot of employment in the tech sector, it is unable to find suitable workers for the available positions.

Number of available and needed workers in different tech markets

Toronto was able to produce around 32.9 percent tech degrees which equals to around 29,312. The number of positions needed to be filled is 88,900 in the past five years. Vancouver was able to produce 31.6 percent or 14,041 tech degrees and there is a need for 44,460 individuals to fill the jobs. Next comes Quebec City which produced only 2,313 tech degrees while there is a need of 10,700 individuals to fill jobs.

This shortage of workers means that overseas workers can come to live, work and settle in these cities. Students in different places in North America are doing their graduation in the tech degrees which can increase the competition in getting the jobs in these cities.

Shortage of workers may last for at least two more years

Many companies in Canada want to hire more employees having digital skills. Most of the hiring is available for cyber security and data analytics. According to a report, there are around 68 percent of companies that are facing challenges in hiring people having the right skill sets. This hiring can help in growth of these businesses.

Hiring foreign nations can resolve the problem of shortage of workers

Employers want to hire foreign nationals to fill the job positions. The individuals can be invited through Temporary Foreign Worker Program and International Mobility Program. Global Talent Stream is a part of TFWP and it can also be used to grant Canadian work permits easily as the processing time is only within two weeks.

Another way that employers can use to invite the foreign workers is the Express Entry system. Candidates can be invited under the following streams:

Candidates can apply online through the Express Entry system. Applicants have to meet the eligibility criteria for any of the three streams to send their applications. The profiles of the candidates have to be ranked through a points-based system which is known as Comprehensive Ranking System. Candidates who receive the highest rankles receive the invitations to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Candidates who receive the ITAs have to submit the applications for Canada PR as soon as possible. The application processing fee has to be paid within 90 days after receiving the ITA. Candidates can also send applications through the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs. Each province has its own program and has different eligibility criteria. The PNPs available in Canada are:

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