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Edwards Business School – A Good Choice for MBA in Canada

The Edwards School of Business has many names. Officially, it is N. Murray Edwards School of Business, or it is also referred to as Edwards. It is situated on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon of Saskatchewan.

Earlier it was known as the College of Commerce. The school was renamed in 2007 in honor of N. Murray Edwards, alumni and an entrepreneur.

The credibility and the quality of education imparted remain the same.

The school was started as the School of Accounting in 1914 that offered a degree of BSc or Bachelors of Science. The students began enrolling in 1917 due to World War I during that time. The business school offered the first accounting degree and university-level school of accounting in Canada.

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MBA at Edwards

The Edwards MBA program is a transformative experience that aims to teach leadership, team building, and business strategy. The students develop skills of management skills that are both strategic and integrative. It helps them gain a better understanding of the functioning of an organization and its context, locally and globally.

After their graduation, the students start their careers with integrity, accountability, and confidence. The faculty and peers in the Edwards MBA program will become valuable contacts in real life and the professional field.

The integrated and intensive format will help in developing the graduates’ management ability in an effective way. The MBA program at Edwards is of 12 months if studied for a full-time course. It takes 36 months to complete the MBA course if studied part-time.

A unique aspect of this ingenious MBA program is the streamlined learning and integration of various concepts of business. The courses offered are in a modular format. The classes are scheduled for three weeks, which makes the learning environment intensive. It captivates the students in the study program while allowing flexibility in scheduling your MBA education. Additionally, the MBA students learn how business concepts can be applied in their business decisions through a combination of applied courses, exercises, case studies, and projects incorporating each functional business area.

The modular system is designed for students to assimilate their studies in their usual lifestyle. Those who opt for a rigorous experience can complete the full-time MBA program in 12 months. The students who are employed can opt for the part-time program which is a program of 36 months to complete their MBA degree.

The MBA program offers a variety of scheduling options, pursuing a Master of Business Administration at the Edwards School of Business can be effectively integrated into career goals to provide a transformational educational and life experience.

Admission Requirements:

The requirements for the program are given below:

  • Language Proficiency Requirements: Proof of proficiency in English is required for international students and for the candidates whose first language is not English.
  • A cumulative average of a minimum of 70 percent in the last two years of the study program.
  • A four-year degree course, or equivalent program, from a recognized university or college.
  • Applicants with study programs for three years may be considered eligible for admission. The applicants are assessed through a holistic admissions approach. They are required to demonstrate a robust potential for success in the study program through excellent GMAT scores and substantial leadership experience.
  • Statement of Intent: The applicants are required to submit a written Statement of Intent of less than a thousand words stating the reason for choosing the program, and in what ways would their skills, work, or volunteer experience will make them a suitable candidate for the program and opted field of study. The statement of intent is an essential component in evaluating the applicant’s fitness for the program. An interview is also required to assess the candidate’s language proficiency.
  • The latest resume states the positions they have held and a description of the responsibilities they undertook.
  • Two years of experience in leadership. The candidates should be emerging leaders who have less than two years of experience in leading an organization but who have proved their skills in exceptional leadership through their experiences in professional areas and life. The candidates should be preparing for leadership roles in the future, and meeting the standard criteria for admissions, are encouraged to apply. The leadership experience should be described comprehensively in the resume or Statement of Intent.
  • The candidate should score at least 500 points in GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test.
  • Three confidential LORs or letters of recommendation, of which one has to be academic
Combined Degrees at Edwards

Edwards School of Business has collaborated with four other colleges from the University of Saskatchewan to offer options for a combined and double degree. The students can obtain their MBA while also working for Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor, or Doctor of Pharmacy.

The double degree courses offered at Edwards are:
  1. JD/MBA

The Edwards School of Business and the College of Law have joined hands to offer a Dual Degree in business and law. The program is for three years, allowing the students to pursue their law degrees as well as their MBA degree.

The study program will help them in the role of a corporate counsel in any of the organizations they join. The versatile skillset provided to them through the JD/MBA study program prepares them for high-level positions.

The study program would be helpful for pursuing a career in the public interest. In this field, the senior professionals are given the responsibility of heading a non-profit or public organization. The program equips them with the essential management capabilities required for this role.

Structure of the Program

The JD (Juris Doctor)/MBA program is of 3 years administered by the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan and the Edwards School of Business, jointly. Both degrees are complimentary and will facilitate the students to complete two degrees in a short time compared to the time it would have taken for them to complete the courses separately.

The students who have completed the first year of their studies are eligible for the College of Law.

  1. PharmD/MBA

The PharmD/MBA Program is for four years. The program is jointly conducted by the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan and the Edwards School of Business. The students will leave the University of Saskatchewan prepared to practice either a career in pharmacy or a career in business. The two complimentary degrees facilitate the students to complete both degrees more quickly than if they were to pursue them separately.

This program is open to students currently pursuing PharmD in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, University of Saskatchewan. They can also apply for the MBA program.

Admission Requirements

The eligibility requirements for this program are given below:

  • Admission to the PharmD program or a maximum of 12 months of registration in the PharmD program. Students are required to express their interest in studying the combined program to the academic administrator of the College of Pharmacy & Nutrition.
  • Admission recommendation by the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition for the combined PharmD/MBA program.
  • All eligibility requirements for the MBA program.
Double Degree Programs in Edwards
  1. DVM/MBA

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the Edwards School of Business offers the DVM/MBA program. The DVM/MBA study program is for five years.

The one-year MBA program is introduced between the third and fourth year of the DVM or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program.

As the field of veterinary medicine is becoming more and more corporate, and the practice size is increasing. The government offices and the pharmaceutical industry hire holders of DVM degrees.

Structure of the Program

The MBA program commences on September 1, after completing three years in the field of veterinary medicine. The MBA program is conducted from September 1 to August 20 in a consecutive year. Students resume their clinical training in the fifth year. It adds one more year for the completion of the DVM program.

The field of veterinary medicine is evolving rapidly in the areas of companion and food animal sector of private practice. It is not unusual in the present times to have veterinary practices to have a workforce of 10 to 200 employees. The management of units of this kind is demanding and requires substantial funds, managerial skills, and human resources.

This dual degree is suitable for the development of individuals in the future. The MBA degree will add to the skills of DVM graduates skills in financial and business management. The graduates have the chance to be administrators in substantial practices or successful owners of small businesses.

Five applicants are accepted in the DVM/MBA study program every year. The students are required to have a baccalaureate degree of four years, and fulfill the minimum requirements for admission to the MBA program.

  1. MD/MBA

The students who are eligible for the MD/MBA study program would be extending their MD program admission by a year to complete the regular-stream full-time Edwards MBA program of 12 months. These students who have been accepted into the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan are eligible for this MBA program.

The combined degree will equip the students with the skills and knowledge required for Doctors of Medicine. The graduates wanting to advance to a managerial position in a broad range of healthcare practices are suitable for this program.

From publicly funded practices such as small local clinics and large hospital facilities to privately owned corporations in the pharma/biotechnology and health insurance industries, successful graduates of the MD/MBA program will have the medical and business knowledge needed to stand out among their peers quickly.

Eligibility requirements
  • Two applicants are accepted in the dual MD/MBA stream every year. The students applying for the joint program are tested by both the Colleges. The students are required to have completed a baccalaureate degree of four years.
  • The candidates are screened for the MD program based on their academic performance and extra-curricular activities. The students need to have a recommendation from the College of Medicine. They also need to fulfil the minimum requirements of the MBA admissions.
  • Being eligible for both programs implies that the applicant is granted a deferral of one year when they start the medicine. The applicant can immediately join the MBA Program.
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