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Posted on November 23 2018

Why should Overseas Workers migrate To New Zealand?

By  Editor
Updated March 07 2024

New Zealand is presently looking to welcome skilled and experienced Overseas Workers. Overseas Immigrants may even get the resident Visa under the New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa category.


The Skilled Migrant visa category is a points-based system. The score depends on factors like age, qualifications, work experience and a job offer. In addition, they must fulfill below requirements -

  • Applicant must be aged 55 or under
  • They should speak the English language
  • They must pass the health test
  • They must fulfill character requirements


The New Zealand Immigration process:

To apply for New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa, Overseas Workers need to adhere to the following procedure -

  • They need to understand the basic requirements, do a self-assessment and score a minimum of 140 points
  • They should submit an Expression of interest or EOI next. It is associated with some fees
  • Once the EOI is chosen by the authority, the applicant will be given an invitation to apply (ITA)
  • Thereafter, Immigrants should submit their application within six months along with the form provided and some fees
  • If selected, they would receive either a resident visa or job search visa

However, it is essential to mention that if the score is below 135, candidates may not be selected. Also, they should try to get a job offer from areas with utter skill shortage.  According to The Times of India, only if the offer is that of a skilled job, they can get a resident Visa.


 Having discussed the process, let’s see why Overseas Workers should opt for New Zealand.

  • New Zealand has very low personal tax rates
  • The standard of living is quite same as that of the UK. However, many things such as gas cost nearly half. Eating out is also not very pricey.
  • Majority of people living there are Immigrants. Hence, newcomers always feel welcome
  • The country possesses a developed economy and a high standard of living
  • The country is in urgent need of skilled Overseas Workers in various fields
  • New Zealand is given the title of the second most peaceful country in the world
  • There is no class system in New Zealand culture
  • New Zealand is passionate about its anti-nuclear standpoint and planning to strengthen this
  • Outdoor lifestyle is observed highly in this country

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