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What are the highest paying UK STEM Jobs?

Posted on May 29, 2019
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The highest paying UK STEM Jobs have been revealed by Adzuna through an analysis of more than 1 million job ads. STEM has emerged as the hottest acronym in overseas jobs today.

Nations are competing with one another for enhancing their proficiencies in Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science. This is for advancing in innovation for creating jobs and rapid economic growth. The examples are China and South Korea.

STEM has thus emerged as a sector that offers high paying jobs and this is true to an extent in the UK. The top 10 highest paying UK STEM Jobs are:

highest paying UK STEM Jobs

The list is dominated by Engineering streams. At the top are Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders in Aeronautical Engineering. These have an average salary of 51, 448 Pounds. Civil and Chemical Engineering are at the second and fourth position with pay packages of 47,503 Pounds and 45,527 Pounds respectively.

The analysis revealed that these job opportunities with large cheques are in fewer numbers due to their niche nature. Just 220 job ads in the UK specify these subjects as a requirement for applying for the role. This is as per the Adzuna report, as quoted by the Study International.

Meanwhile, most-demand UK STEM jobs are in the Technology sector. Applicants who had a degree in Computer Science were the most sought after with up to 4,236 job vacancies. It was followed by IT – Information Technology with 1, 847 job vacancies.

The University of Leicester has also published a report that has similar findings with respect to opportunities in STEM roles. Majority of the STEM graduates or 87% get Graduate-level roles just after graduation.

However, just above 50% of these are in high-skilled STEM jobs. Also, just a minority of these are employed in the key shortage occupational areas in STEM like ICT, Science, or Engineering professionals. Many take on non-STEM roles as per the data from the Annual Population Survey for 2004 to 2010.

The scenario is less rosy amongst the Engineering and Computing graduates.

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