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Type of Business Degree hugely impacts starting base Overseas Salary: GMAC

Posted on July 18, 2018
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Type of Business Degree hugely impacts starting base Overseas Salary

The latest report by GMAC has revealed that the type of Business Degree hugely impacts starting base Overseas Salary. The ‘2018 – Corporate Recruiters Survey’ by Graduate Management Admission Council has highlighted this fact.

The report elaborates that firms in the US are ready to offer a considerably high salary to MBA graduates than their less qualified peers. The findings of the report reveal that MBA graduates can look forward to a starting base salary of 105,000 $ in 2018. It is considerably higher than the 85,000$ salary offered to direct-from-industry recruits. The gap is really huge when it comes to fresh hires with a Graduate degree who are offered just 65,000$, as quoted by the Study International.

The GMAC report analyzed responses from 1,066 Overseas Employers in 42 nations across the globe. These work directly participating business schools.

The findings of the report are in line with the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US. This demonstrates that the salary of those in the US who have a Master’s degree is 19% higher than those with a Bachelor’s degree. The difference is even higher for those with Professional degrees as these earn 57% more!

The good news is that 4 out of 5 overseas employers plan to recruit recent MBA graduates in 2018. This is notwithstanding the marginal drop in the projected hiring by employers in eth US and Europe.

The maximum demand is seen in the Asia-Pacific region. 90% of the employers here want to recruit MBA graduates in 2018. These figures are in line with the deans witnessed in 2017. The employer location also is a huge factor in deciding the kind of starting base salary that MBA graduates can look forward to.

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