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The US requires extra 364,000 DSA Professionals by 2020: IBM

Posted on July 13, 2018
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DSA Professionals

The US requires extra 364,000 Data Science and Analytics Professionals by 2020 as per the latest IBM research paper. It will reach a sum of 2, 720, 000 roles by that year, adds the report. This will also be a 15% increase from the listings available as per the records from 2015.

DSA technologies are no longer mere disrupting processes of businesses. They are also capturing a huge portion of the job market, as quoted by the Study International.

The career of a Data Scientist has deemed to be the most exciting job of the 21st century as per Harvard Business Review. The highly qualified DSA professionals strive to analyze, track and identify the infinite data produced on a daily basis.

Robert Walters the global recruitment consultants claim that Data Scientists usually have a strong knowledge base. This covers Mathematics, Analytics, Statistics, Modeling and Computer Science. These are often coupled with sharp business acumen.

The recruitment giant RW further elaborates that DSA merges practical knowledge and esoteric intelligence. It is this that makes these professionals highly valuable to the firms, adds the recruitment giant.

Business leaders globally are actively looking out for DSA graduates. These must be able to understand the most complex set of data along with the ability to navigate through the same.

The DSA jobs are on an average open for 45 days. This is 5 days more than the normal job market average. It can be thus notoriously tricky to fill these sought-after positions.

Global tech firm Pitney Bowes DSA Director of Product Management Kristin Rahn has said that there is a scarcity of candidates for all the STEM positions.

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