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The 6 steps to get a job in Germany

Posted on June 1, 2019
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 job in Germany

Here we present the 6 steps for Jobseekers to get a job in Germany:

1. Verify your chances:

You must first assess your chances of obtaining a job in Germany. You can avail professional Job Search Services from reputed Overseas Jobs Consultants for this. The occupations that are in demand in Germany include amongst other IT Specialists, Mechatronic Technicians, Engineers, Nursing Staff, Doctors, and Train Drivers.

2. Your qualifications must be recognised:

For some jobs it is mandatory and for some, it is useful that your overseas educational or vocational qualifications are recognized in Germany. You can confirm this by seeking professional assistance from Immigration Consultants.

3. Seek a job:

Job Search Services from reputed Overseas Career Consultants will offer you details of roles that seek overseas specialists explicitly. Their expertise and professional approach will place you in a competitive position for job applications in Germany, as quoted by the Deutschland De.

4. Write a Job application:

An application to a company in Germany normally consists of a Resume, a Covering Letter, Testimonials, and Certificates. Ensure that you have the necessary qualifications and these must be highlighted in your CL.

You can also opt to avail professional Resume Writing Services that will cater to all these requirements. A professionally written Resume will offer you the edge and highlight your profile in the highly competitive overseas jobs market.

5. Apply for a German Work Visa:

Citizens of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and European Union nationals do not require a German Work Visa. Citizens of the US, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Canada, and Australia can arrive in Germany without Visa and stay for up to 3 months.

Citizens of all other nations will require a Work Visa. You should apply for this Visa only after you get a job offer in Germany. If your higher education qualification is recognized in Germany, you can obtain a 6-month Jobseeker Visa to search for a job in Germany.

6. Get health insurance:

It is mandatory to have Health insurance in Germany. This is applicable from the first day of your stay in the nation.

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