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Which countries offer the best working conditions for Aussie expats?

Posted on October 19, 2018
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Australia work permit visa

Australia’s superannuation and paid annual leaves make it one of the best countries to work globally. Workers from a wide range of industries which includes IT, Engineering, Health, Education, and Construction etc. may find ample job opportunities in the country.

There are many Aussie nationals, however, who dream and aspire to build a career overseas. Different countries across the globe have different working and living conditions.

WorldFirst compared working and living conditions across the globe and came up with a report on the best countries. Here is a list of the countries with the best working conditions for Aussie expats:

1. Germany:

requirements to study in germany for indian studentsThe rent of a one-bedroom apartment in Germany cost the lowest among the countries analyzed. Aussies can expect to pay around $1077 in rent and another $111 for public transport. A cup of coffee in Germany would cost around $4.20.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) professionals are in huge demand.

Australians who are between 18 to 30 years old may apply for Australia work permit. The Working Holiday Visa for Germany holds a validity of 12 months.

Aussies who have an offer of employment in Germany may apply for a residential permit for general employment.

2. Singapore:

SingaporeIt is extremely expensive when it comes to rent but the low income tax rates make it a foreign worker’s haven. Australians would need to shell out around $2673 for rent and around $99 for public transport. A cup of coffee in Singapore costs about $5.

Marketing Consultants, Infrastructure Constructionists, and Business and Finance professionals are in huge demand in Singapore.

Workers on work permits or visas are not entitled to superannuation in Singapore.

3. Hong Kong:

Hong KongRent is expensive in Hong Kong and an Australian may need to spend up to $3210 for it. Public transport would cost around $81. A cup of coffee comes for $6 in Hong Kong.

Engineering, Sales and Marketing, and Finance and Accounting professionals are in demand in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a yearly quota of 5000 for Working Holiday Visas. Australians with an offer of employment in HK can apply for the General Employment Policy Visas.

Job entitlements in Hong Kong include 7 to 14 days annual leave, 10 weeks paid maternity leaves and paternity leave for 3 days.

4. United States of America (USA):

work in usaAustralian in the USA can apply for a unique visa which is also extendable to the spouse. They would need to spend around $1671 on rent and around $94 on transport. A cup of coffee in the USA comes for a price of around $5.40.

IT, Health professionals, Mathematicians, Teachers, and Writers are some of the in-demand occupations in the USA.

Australian can apply for the E-3 Visa which is available exclusively for Australians who have a job offer in the US.

A 401(k) plan is offered by many private employers in the US, which allows employees to make savings which are tax-free.

5. Canada:

work in CanadaCanada is pretty affordable with free health care; however, the wages may vary.

The average rent in Canada is around $1261 and transport would cost around $97.A cup of coffee would cost around $4.10 in Canada.

HR professionals, Architects, Design Experts, and Accounting and Finance professionals are in demand in Canada.

Working Holiday Visas and Temporary Work Visas are available for Aussies aged between 18 to 30 years.

Employers in Canada are responsible for health cover which allows benefits for up to 15 weeks.

6. United Arab Emirates (UAE):

work in UAEEmployers in UAE have a generous approach to working conditions.

Aussies would need to pay around $1969 in rent and around $63 in transport. A cup of coffee in UAE costs about $5.60.

Civil Engineers, Architects, Auditors and Financial Analysts, HR, IT, and Marketing are some of the in-demand professions.

A Residency Visa would be required in the UAE before a work permit is granted.

In the public sector, women can avail up to 3 months of maternity leave while men can avail 3 days paternity leave. In the private sector, however, women are only given 45 days paid maternity leave.

7. United Kingdom (UK):

UK Tier 2 VisaAccording to News.com, rent in the UK is lesser than in Australia.

Australians would need to spend around $1331 on rent in the UK and around $107 on transport. A cup of coffee would cost $4.60 in the UK.

IT, Engineers, Medical professionals, Paramedics, Secondary Teachers, Musicians, Chefs, and Artists are some of the in-demand occupations in the UK.

Working Holiday Visas are available to Aussies between the age group of 18 to 30. Australians, who have a job offer in the UK, may apply for a UK Tier 2 (General) Visa which has a validity of up to 5 years.

The UK pays statutory maternity pay for up to 39 weeks. Around 90% of the average earning is paid out during this period.

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