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657 Estonia Work Visas offered in 2018, 236% growth

Posted on February 28, 2019
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657 Estonia Work Visas

657 Estonia Work Visas have been offered in 2018 and around 1000 individuals have immigrated to Estonia through the Estonia Start-up Visa. This is in the last 2 years after this Visa was launched.

The Estonia Start-up Visa program has received 1, 108 applications so far. This was revealed by the organization Start-up Estonia. It is an initiative of the Government that is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It is aimed at boosting the Start-up Ecosystem in Estonia.

The organization elaborated that the numbers of Estonia Work Visas have increased significantly in 2018. 107 Founders and 167 Employees immigrated to Estonia in 2017. Their numbers have swelled to 174 Founders and 483 Employees in 2018. This means a growth of 236% in just 1 year, it added.

There is a wide diverse range of industries for applications that are being submitted. However, the amount of applications exceeds others when it comes to some areas. The most renowned industries are Hospitality, Consumer Goods, Med-Tech, Software/Business Software as a service and Fintech.

The likely success stories in 2019 are Energy, Edu-Tech, and Agri-Tech, as quoted by the Estonian World.

The top five nations from where the Overseas Founders and Employees immigrate to Estonia are:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Brazil
  3. Russia
  4. The US
  5. India

The Estonia Start-up Visa was launched on January 18, 2017. It was viewed as an opportunity for the Start-ups and their entire ecosystem in Estonia. This is for bringing in global talents and developing a more diverse and international community.

The applications for Estonia Start-up Visas are assessed by a committee of 7 members:

  1. Tehnopol
  2. Garage48
  3. Start-up Leaders Club
  4. Estonian Business Angels Network
  5. Start-up Wise Guys
  6. Superangel
  7. Start-up Estonia

 The overseas firms submitting applications for the Start-up status in Estonia are from 80 plus nations across the world. However, the constant top nations have been India, Turkey, and Russia among others.

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