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Romania Work Permits double for non-EU migrants in 2018

Posted on February 27, 2019
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Romania Work Permits

Romania Work Permits have doubled for non-EU immigrants in 2018 and they were offered around 10,000 Work Permits. 4, 923 Romania Work Permits were offered to non-EU immigrants in 2017. Out of these, Permanent Workers received 3, 854 permits. The number increased to 9, 800 in the previous year.

Romania brought in immigrants workers chiefly from China and Turkey after joining the EU. However, most of them have arrived from Vietnam in the last 2 years.

Around 1, 414 workers from Vietnam arrived in Romania in 2017. Their numbers increased to 3, 202 in the previous year. The numbers of workers from Turkey increased to 1,200 in the last year at the same time. Meanwhile, 768 workers from Nepal arrived in Romania in 2018, as quoted by the Romania Insider.

Around 400 to 600 Romania Work Permits were offered to non-EU workers in the first 10 years of EU membership of Romania. The numbers increased to 14, 884 in 2008.

Out of them, 4, 832 Romania Work Permits were offered to workers from Turkey. 4, 683 permits were offered to Chinese and workers from the Republic of Moldova received 1, 202 permits. 4, 800 Romania Work Permits were offered in 2009.

The Government of Romania increased the number of Work Permits for non-EU workers in 2019 at the end of last year. A provision for a contingent of 13, 500 have been made. This was the second successive increase in the allocation for non-EU workers. This move was taken by the Government due to the tight labour market.

Romanian employers hiring overseas workers are no longer obliged to pay the salary that is at least on par with average gross salary. This is as per the new law that has been endorsed by the Parliament.

The firms in Romania can now pay a minimum gross wage to overseas workers. It is has been increased to 446 Euros on December 1, 2018, from 408 Euros.

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