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Posted on September 22 2022

Spain issues visas to 41,440 foreign workers in August 2022

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


Highlights for newly issued Spain visas

  • The Spanish government issued visas for 41,440 foreign workers in just last month (August) which sums up to 12.1% of the total international workers in the country.
  • Around 834,461 foreign workers from the EU (European countries) received visas by August end and 1,603,030 from third countries.
  • Around 399,520 foreign workers are self-employed out of 2,032,319 foreign workers.

New Spain visas issued to foreign workers

41,450 foreign workers have received visas from the Spain Government in just a month of August. Spanish authorities revealed that the entire number of international workers who have been working in Spain is now increased to 2,419,877.

834,461 foreign workers from EU countries received visas by end of August whereas 1,603,030 foreign workers from third countries.

The ratio of men and women foreign workers who have received visas is listed in the following table

Foreign Workers In Number In Percentage
Men 13,58,729 55.8 Percent
Women 10,78,762 44.2 Percent

Based on the data provided by the Spanish government, foreign workers who have come from various countries are listed below:

Countries Number Of Foreign Workers
Romania 330,155 Workers
Morocco 277,937 Workers
Italy 163,819 Workers
Colombia 123,850 Workers
Venezuela 119,235 Workers
Ukrainian 60,469 Workers

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Ukrainian foreign workers

Besides the nationalities, a high number of foreign workers entered Spain. Around 60,649 Ukrainian workers have received visas by end of August 2022 in Spain. 70% of Ukrainians are registered under General Scheme whereas 9% of them are self-employed.

Percentage of Women foreign workers

 Based on the data of total foreign workers who contribute to the Spain workforce market, 50,043 women employees from Venezuelan nationality and 47,857 are men employees from the same. Most male foreign workers are self-employed.

Out of the total of 2,032,319 foreign workers around 83.3%, the total number has got the visa under General Scheme and around 399,520 are self-employed.

Additionally, the same pointed out that 2,032,319 foreign workers, which represents 83.3 percent of the total number, are included in the General Scheme, and another 399,520 of them are self-employed.

The percentage of foreign workers who are self-employed in Spain along with their nationalities is mentioned below:

Nationality % of foreigners who are self-employed
Chinese 15.4
Romanian 11.1
Italian 8.9

As per the Government released data, sectors under which the percentage of foreign workers registered are listed below:

Sector name % of foreign workers
Household activities +5.4 per cent
Energy supply +3.1 per cent
Sanitary activities +1.6 per cent
Water supply +1.6 per cent
Recreational activities +1.4 per cent
Education -10.7 per cent
Agriculture -6 per cent

Recently, Spain has introduced a new plan to increase the pace of work and residence permit processing. This move helps to resolve around 200,000 pending applications and also reduces the processing durations for the residence and work permits.

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