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Posted on June 06 2022

Right time to work in Spain. Spain to grant more work visas to reduce labour shortage

By  Editor
Updated January 18 2024


  • Relaxation in work permit rules to reduce labour shortages
  • More temporary visas will be granted
  • Work permit will be granted through family members living in Spain

Spain permits more work visas

Spain has announced the plans to relax the rules related to the work permits for the overseas workers. The labour shortage can be seen in various industries like:

  • Tourism
  • Civil construction

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Government has planned to issue more work visas to invite more immigrants to Spain. These visas will be granted to the sectors having more labor shortage. The government is making plans for the evaluation of various aspects of the migration laws so that they can be relaxed and give a way to invite more foreign workers.

Non-EU students will be permitted to study and work in Spain

The government will also allow around 50,000 non-EU students to study and work in Spain. The relaxation in the laws will also help in getting work permits through the family members living in Spain. Individuals can also get work permits through residence or working in Spain for two years. It does not matter whether work is formal or informal.

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Top in-demand occupations in Spain

Candidates can get jobs in Spain in various fields like:

  • Sales and Marketing,
  • IT industry,
  • Tourism, and
  • Many more.

The tourism industry in Spain is also a good option to increase the economy but it is also facing a lot of labour shortages.

According to a survey conducted by S&P monthly purchasing managers, there was a high demand of workers in May but businesses found problems in their growth due to the shortages of workers. This has led to potential wage inflation. The shortage of labour can also result in the release of pandemic recovery reports that European Union has funded.

Economy of Spain in 2020

Pandemic has hit the economy of Spain in 2020. In spite of the fact that unemployment rate is high pandemic led the workers to get into the formal economy to collect the funds through official contracts. This led to an increase in the formal employment.

Spain has already made migration programmes with different countries like Morocco, Colombia, and Ecuador. Spain is also planning to open temporary work visas for other countries in Central America.

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Web Story: Spain relaxes work permit rule for immigrants


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