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Posted on September 02 2022

7 EU countries relax immigration rules to meet the job market demands in 2022-23

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Highlights of relaxed EU nations immigration policies

  • The EU nations are facing the challenges in skilled workers shortages
  • Currently, Seven EU countries has relaxed the immigration policies to make it easier for skilled workers to settle in countries
  • Finland, Denmark, and Sweden are among the countries to relax the rules of immigration

List of EU countries relaxed immigration policies

Here are some of the changes that have been announced for the candidates who want to seek a job in Europe.


Finland started a new fast-track procedure to invite start-up entrepreneurs and highly skilled workers along with their families. The processing of the eligible applications will be done within 14 days. Finland is also granting single residence permits for students and their eligible family members.

The validity of the residence permit will be valid for the whole duration of studies. Students do not have to renew the permit every year.

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Denmark has issued two lists of jobs in which there is a need for skilled workers. These two lists are:

  • Positive list for Highly Educated
  • Positive List for Skilled Workers

These lists will serve as a pathway for foreign workers to get a job in Denmark.


Immigrants living in Spain can obtain a work permit easily through a streamlined process. The country has reduced the requirements for certain applicants. Students from non-EU countries will have the option of working for 30 hours per week while continuing their studies.

International students will become eligible to work in Spain after completing their graduation. Previously, after completing their graduation, students have to wait for three years to get a job in Spain. The government of the country will publish a list of the jobs which will be available to the immigrants.


The annual quota of work permits has been increased by Italy up to 5,000. The country is now planning to invite 75,000 candidates in 2022. The Italian government has said that the cabinet is in the process to seek the possibilities to speed up the immigration procedures.


A short-term visa has been launched by Portugal which will allow the foreign workers to migrate to Portugal and work for six months. Previously, the validity of the visa was only 120 days but now it can be extended up to 90 more days. The government has also announced that the quota regime for migration will also be abolished.


The government of Ireland has announced that new changes will be made to the Employment Permit System in the fall of 2022. The changes will be made for the candidates living outside the EU and EEA nations. The changes that will be made are as follows:

  • More responsive system will be created to address the job market of Ireland.
  • New seasonal work permits and index for salary threshold will be introduced.
  • Job market test process will be revised

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Sweden has made the rules so that employers cannot exploit the employees. The employers in Sweden have been asked to report any changes that they have made in the rules and conditions. Employers who will not be able to report the changes have to pay fine. Employers will not be able to expel the employees for minor errors.

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