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Posted on October 29 2022

More appointment slots for Germany student visa to open on November 1, 2022

By  Editor
Updated January 18 2024

Highlights: Germany to open student visa slots; new requirements announced

  • Germany will open slots for student visa appointments from November 1, 2022
  • Fresh procedural requirements are announced for correctness and authenticity for foreign students applying for a visa to study in Germany
  • The new requirements include applicant students to procure and produce an APS certificate, to be attached to the student visa application
  • There will also be an increase of 8.5% in the deposit amount in a blocked account, as required to apply for a student visa

Here's the latest update for Indian students who want to study in Germany. Germany has decided to open slots for visa appointments on Germany student visa applications. This will be implemented from November 1, 2022.

The details of new policies to study in Germany

Germany is working on clearing the pending entries on the list of appointments due to being conducted. This waitlist is for the winter semester of 2022. The German government is keen on ensuring that the admission that international students have from the German university is genuine. To help maintain clarity and authenticity of the credentials and admission proofs, new instructions have been given to foreign students. Students who are newly registering for an appointment under the German visa procedure must be sure that they have all the mandatory documents with them.

Indian students applying for an appointment must get an assessment of their academic records done by the APS (Academic Evaluation Center).

Then, they will get certificates of authenticity before applying for a Germany student visa. The APS certificate is required for Indian students who are joining a course in Germany for a duration of more than 90 days. They can apply for registration online by visiting the www.aps-india.de website. Once the document is received, they can print and sign it. Then, they must pay a procedure fee of Rs.18,000 to APS. This must be transferred to the APS bank account. Also read... APS Certificate Mandatory’ for Indian students to study in Germany Also, from 2023, international students may need to have at least €11,208 in their blocked account. This means that there will be an increase of 8.5% in the amount. This amount is mandatory to prove that you have sufficient funds to live and study in Germany.

Indian students in Germany

A threefold increase in the number of Indian students has been found in the last seven years in Germany. There are 33,753 Indian students pursuing their studies in Germany right now. This is an 18% increase in their number in 2022 compared to 2021. Also read... 1.8 Million Indian students would be studying abroad by 2024 Germany still receives many applications for student visas. It’s necessary that the country’s authorities ensure that every application is genuine. That’s why the new measures and requirements are implemented. Nevertheless, Germany is welcoming many more international students to its reputed and world-class universities. If you are willing to study in Germany, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the world. If you find this blog engaging, you may also like... India takes top spot among new immigrants to Canada


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