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Posted on November 16 2022

India ranks #1 among the international students in the US, Open Doors Report 2022

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


Highlights: India tops in the number of students studying in the US

  • Number of Indian students in the US rose from 11.8 percent to 21 percent in the last one decade
  • 82,000 student visas were issued this year from June to August 2022 to Indian students
  • The total number of international students studying in the US was 9.48 lakhs in 2021-2022
  • The absolute number of students studying in the US in 2021-2022 is 199,182

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Number of Indian students rise in the US

The number of Indian students for pursuing higher education in the US rose in the last one decade. It has been doubled as the country’s share went up to 21 percent from 11.8 percent. The details have been provided by the Open Doors Report 2022.

The number of Indian students going to the US will surpass China in 2022-2023 as 82,000 student visas have been issued from June to August 2022. In the same period in 2021-2022, the number of student visas issued to Indians was 62,000.

US, top destination for international students

Besides Indians, the US is also the destination for students from other countries. In 2020-2021, the number was 9.14 lakhs which rose to 9.48 lakhs in 2021-2022. This increase demonstrates that the US is the top destination for pursuing higher education. The Open Doors report also reveals that collectively, the number of Indian and Chinese students was 52 percent in 2021-2022.

Number of Indian students studying in the US in different years

The table below reveals the total number of Indian students in different years:

Year Number of Indian students
2021-2022 199,182
2020-2021 167,582
2012-2013 96,654

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Number of Chinese students studying in the US in different years

The table below shows the number of Chinese students studying in the US in different sessions:

Year Number of Chinese students
2021-2022 290,086
2020-2021 317,299

The number of Chinese students studying in the US a decade ago was 235,597.

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