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Posted on November 11 2022

US to issue 100,000 visas per month to Indian applicants

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023


Highlights: US to issue 100,000 visas per month to Indians

  • India is one of the prioritized countries for processing and granting US visas which has seen an upswing in the past few years.
  • The US plans to process 1.2 million visa applications and issue 100,000 visas every month for Indians
  • US to reduce visa processing wait times to process more visa applications
  • Recently, the wait times for certain visa categories from 450 days to nine days, and B1, and B2 visa processing was brought down also to 9-months
  • India stands #3 on the list of US visas that gets approved for study, work, or migration

US to issue 100,000 visas per month to Indians

India is one of the top countries for Washington, US since post-pandemic. The processing of wait times for US visas to come down by 2023 beginning.

The processing number of visa applications for Indians is planned to reach 1.2 million by 2023. There has been a rise in applying for US visas by India compared to other countries.

To reduce the long wait times for granting visas, the US plans to roll out personnel and drop box facilities.

The US has issued 82,000 visas in 2021. The country is expecting 1.1 to 1.2 million visa applications to Indians by next year beginning. *Planning to work in USA? Get assistance from Y-Axis U.S. immigration consultant

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US plans to maximize visas

The US to plan issue at least 100,000 visas per month. US to prioritize 100,000 slots for issuing and renewing H (H1B) and L category visas for Indians. The US plans to grant 1.2 million visa applications for Indians.

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US visa processing wait times

The visa processing wait times for Indians have been brought down from 450 days to 9 months.

For the Business visa (B1) and US Tourism / Visit visa (B2), the wait times for processing times are also now made to 9 months.

The US also plans to bring down the visa processing wait times for students as well exclusively for Student visa renewals. New Delhi is been conducting discussions to bring down the processing wait times for US visas, especially for Indians.

US to roll out certain services

 The US focuses on rolling out our drop box facility for students.

Especially the student renewals to see a drop-in box facility.

Top three Countries that get US visas

India is currently in the #3 position in the list of receiving US visas and is expected to go to the #2 position soon, reveals the US official.

S.No Name of the country
1 Mexico
2 China
3 India

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