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Posted on August 29 2022

Increase migration cap in Australia to manage manpower shortages - The Business Council

By  Editor
Updated January 13 2024

Highlights of Australia Immigration level plan

  • A business group asks to lift caps temporarily for work and holiday visa
  • The Business Council of Australia requested the government to raise the Australia PR migration cap up to 220,000 for a temporary period.
  • Penalties for exploitation will be toughened

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Australia migration cap to be increased to manage manpower shortages

A key business group wants that cap for the work and holiday visa should be lifted for a temporary period before the starting of jobs and skills summit. The Business Council of Australia requested the government to increase the cap for permanent migration up to 220,000. Later it urged to keep the cap up to 190,000.


Australia jobs and skill summit to make immigration easier

Australia skilled migration program fy 2022-23, is open for offshore applicants

Jennifer Westacott told that the permanent migration program should be boosted to at least two-thirds of the places for skilled workers. Westacott talked about providing better information to the visa holders. She also talked about setting a high bar to impose tough penalties for exploitation.

She said that the summit will provide a chance for resetting the long-term migration program. She also said that the summit will lead to manage the challenge of labour shortage. Besides making preferred changes to the migration program, the council will also make recommendations to enhance the capabilities of the domestic workers.

This will include the digital skills sharing record that will be used to track the training of the workers and their credentials that they have achieved in their careers. This will also help in increasing the funds for vocational training.

Another recommendation of the council is the improvement of the schooling system so that students who study in Australia can be prepared to work in Australia or anywhere else. The council also talks about increasing the speed of visa processing. This can be done by relaxing the eligibility criteria.

The federal government has informed that shortage in staff has led to an increase in the backlog of visa applications. Currently, there is a backlog of more than 100,000 visa applications that are to be processed. The summit will be held on Thursday and Friday.

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