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Posted on September 01 2022

Get UK study visa in 24 hrs: All you need to know about priority visas

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023

Get UK study visa in 24 hrs All you need to know about priority visas

Highlights of UK study visa in 24 hrs

  • UK Government introduced priority and super priority visas over the regular visa to speed up the processing of regular student visas.
  • The priority visa costs an extra amount of £500 which means Rs. 47,000 in Indian rupees at the current exchange rate. The decision will be out in five days.
  • The super priority visa costs around £800 which means Rs. 75,000 in Indian currency at the current exchange rate.
  • This super priority price works over the regular student visa application fees and the decision will be out in a day.

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The UK introduced Priority and Super Priority processing for visas

To ensure that international students attend their beginning days of school and college, the United Kingdom has initiated priority and super-priority processing for student visas.

Costs and processing time.

The service of a priority visa costs an additional £500 on the regular visa application fees. Considering the current exchange rate, the price in Indian rupees is Rs 47,000 and the decision related to this comes out in just five days.

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The service of a super priority visa costs an extra amount on the regular visa £800. Considering the current exchange rate, the price of a super priority visa in Indian rupees is Rs 75,000 and the decision comes out in just one day.

Although. The United Kingdom (UK) processes regular UK student visas in about 15 days, and many international students are still waiting for their turn for a long.

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 Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India

 The UK beats its record in issuing the number of student visas globally till June 2022. The next academic year is even harder to issue visas, as India is the main source country for studying in the UK, we request all foreign students apply for their visas as early as possible.

Check if you have submitted the correct documentation like an offer letter from the university, Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS), TB certificate, and your proof of funding certificates. Currently, the UK is facing a huge flow of Indian students applying for UK student visas. We encourage you to opt for priority and super-priority visa processing.

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For more information on UK immigration and many more... click here

How to apply?

If you are qualified, to opt for the priority service when you apply. The cost of the service is an extra amount of £500 on the application fee and the decision in just five days. The decision time can be counted from the day of your appointment or the working day, the moment you finish uploading all your documents.

If you opt for super priority service on your regular visa while you’re applying, the decision will be out by the next working day. This happens if your appointment was booked on a weekday or two working days later, in case if your appointment is on the weekends or even on a bank holiday.

Immigration Statistics, UK

 Based on the latest data from UK Immigration Statistics on August 25 that depicted as nearly 118,000 Indian students obtained student visas during the year ending June 2022. Which is an increase of 89% compared to the year 2021.

India has already overtaken China as being one of the largest nationalities that issued sponsored study visas in the UK.

To date, Indian nationals have issued the largest number of study, visitor, and work visas in the UK by the end of the year, i.e., June 2022.

India has the highest proportion of 28% of visitor visas that were granted by the UK. Around 258,000 Indians have obtained visit visas by the June ending, which is considered the year ending, 2022. Which is considered as an increase of 630% compared to 2021.

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