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Posted on June 29 2022

UK issued 108,000 student visas to Indians by March 2022, double from last year

By  Editor
Updated May 10 2023

UK issued 108,000 student visas to Indians by March 2022, double from last year


  • 108,000 Indian students have received student visas by March 2022 end.
  • Indian student nationals remain the second-largest international student community in the United Kingdom.
  • Around 82,000 Indians studied in UK institutions during 2020-2021.
  • International students can access National Health Service (NHS) to avail emergency health issues.
  • Nearly 12,000 students have acquired skills and work experience by making use of the Graduate route after completing Graduation.
  • The non-EU graduates employed in the UK for five years after Graduation receive 19.7% higher salaries than the other UK graduates.

 Indian students to study in the UK

Many Indian students who had plans to study in the UK and other European countries had a hard time as there were travel and pandemic restrictions. Now the situation is slowly coming back to normal. Around 108,000 student visas for Indian natives were provided in March 2022, almost double the number (93%) compared to 2021, states the British High Commission in India.

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Thousands of Indian students are getting ready to join overseas universities for their quality and higher education. United Kingdom has emerged as a top destination for international studies as there is a sharp increase in the number of Indian students moving to the UK to pursue higher studies.

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UK to remove all travel restrictions for arrivals from other countries

Many students and educational institutions worldwide have faced numerous challenges during the initial days of the pandemic, and there were travel restrictions that made students restrain their traveling overseas.

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There was a lot of uncertainty till the vaccination drive began; now, the UK institutions continue their study plans remain unchanged.

Around 82,000 Indian students have studied in UK institutions, stated to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) of the UK.

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The campuses are largely back to normal with offline teaching, and social activities as the health and travel restrictions now have been eased in the UK. The pandemic has taught many benefits of online tutoring, and the students found it very helpful. Students were able to finish their work-related placements and travel overseas as part of their study program.

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Indians get the highest number of UK skilled worker visa, over 65500

International students can avail themselves of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) as part of their student visa application, which helps access immediate or urgent treatment free of cost.

Currently, the UK receives an extraordinary rise in student applications from India. This is considered a healthy rise in popularity, extending the two nations to become stronger hubs for higher education.

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 Graduate route

 The graduate route was introduced for the international students in July 2021, which allows a two-year validity of a post-study work visa for international graduates who studied in UK universities. This measure extended the chance for Indian students to build successful careers in the UK.

 To apply for the graduate route, the students do not need a job offer, and there is no salary or caps on numbers requirement. This helps the Indian graduates in the UK to work in flexible times and move between job offers and grow in their careers.

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Job outlook in the UK for 2022

 After the establishment of the graduate route in July 2021, around 12,000 Indian students were able to acquire skills and experience in the UK after finishing their Graduation.

 Around 58% of Indian, Chinese, and Nigerian immigrants have used these visa grants in this route. The international graduates in the UK continue to be in highly successful careers after they graduate results data. The non-EU graduates employed in the UK for five years after Graduation have 19.7% higher salaries than the other UK graduates.

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UK to launch a new visa to bring talented graduates to Britain

 UK continues to support thousands of Indian students to pursue their dream of UK education and achieve post-study employment opportunities after Graduation using the graduate route.

 The recent higher education delegation to India from the UK is more focused on the mutual identification of multinational opportunities between the two countries. This meeting would encourage the mobility of students from both countries by facilitating the continuity of academic study programs and partnerships between the higher education institutions between the UK and India.

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