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Posted on December 13 2022

5 Indo-Canadians inducted as Canadian Ministers in British Columbia

By  Editor
Updated January 10 2024

Highlights of 5 Indo-Canadians inducted as Canadian Ministers in British Columbia

  • British Columbia shuffles its cabinet ministry and provided a place for Indo-Canadians
  • The new cabinet of the BC government includes 23 ministers; 14 parliamentary secretaries, and 4 State ministries
  • British Columbia inducts 5 indo-Canadians as ministers and is appointed to handle the housing crisis, and boost the healthcare system of BC and the cost of living in BC


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Who are 5 Indo-Cabinet Ministers in British Columbia?

British Columbia’s new cabinet ministry is of a total of 23 ministers. The 4 Ministers belong Ministry of State and 14 ministers belong to Parliamentary secretaries. The government of British Columbia appoints 5 Indo-Canadians as its Ministers. They are:

  • Niki Sharma as Attorney General
  • Ravi Kahlon, Minister for Housing & Government House Leader
  • Rachana Singh, Minister of Education
  • Harry Bains, Labor Minister
  • Jagrup Brar, Minister for Trade

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BC PNP Draw issued 193 Skills Immigration invitations on December 06, 2022

Nikki Sharma becomes the first South Asian woman to get appointed as an Attorney General. She represented residential school survivors.

Harry Bains, has been reappointed as the Ministry of Labour for the second time. He promised of working on minimum wages and bring back the healthcare workers to the country.

The new cabinet has been assigned tasks to address the housing crisis in British Columbia, and make housing communities safer, attainable, and affordable. Apart from this, they need to handle the cost of living in the province and have to enhance the healthcare system in BC.

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5 Indo-Canadians

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