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Posted on August 16 2022

What is the next step, if you are waitlisted in SAT?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023


Many students apply to colleges or institutions abroad for admission. Some might get admission immediately, some might be denied admission whereas some of the students get into the waitlisted students list. Then you need to figure out what to be done to get admission to your dream college. Though the college boards have suspended the SAT waitlist for the 2022 – 2023 academic year, the following are references for your knowledge to obtain active admission.

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Inquire for SAT Waitlist status

Some of the college boards have suspended the SAT waitlist for the 2022-2023 school year. This means the deadline for late registration which is typically 11 days before the test will be the final day to register for the SAT. It is not possible to register later.

The applicant can appeal for waitlist status during the last date of the registration day and five days before the test date. For updates on the SAT waitlists and many more, the College Board updates them on the college website.

Registration for the waitlist works also in a similar way as the normal registration does. Then you need to pay the registration for the test, you can upload a photo and can take the waitlist ticket print, and that is sent to you using your online account.

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3 Reasons to get on the SAT Waitlist

Many times the applicants doubt if it is right to step to take SAT after registering. Always remember, you will only have until five days before the test date to sign up for it. You must decide by then.

Following are the three circumstances that apply to you for getting on the SAT waitlist:

1. This can be your last chance to take the SAT

If you are studying in your senior year and you have missed the deadline of late registration for applying SAT which is happening in December, then your application can be considered under the waitlist.

Most colleges do not show interest to accept your test scores from SAT that have been taken after December of your senior year. In case you are not satisfied with the scores you got, then it is better to take the test another time, sign up for the waitlist so you have that chance.

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2. The time you take the SAT is important for your game plan

If you have been planning to take the test on a particular date for a long time now, and believe it is the right time for you to take the test by considering you have final college application plan, then you must be aware that, there are more chances for you to get on the SAT waitlist.

For example, if your test date is in the spring of your junior year and you are willing to take up the results to study during summer, which means it is the last chance at the SAT in August month or the fall of your senior year, then the waitlist is a good option.

Generally, this was supposed to be a benchmark test for you, i.e., your first test during junior fall, your second test during junior spring, or the last test during senior fall, but if you have not registered or forgot, then you will be considered going on the waitlist for keeping yourself on the track.

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3. Take up the Question-and-Answer Service (QAS)

The Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) is one of the SAT's most often used resources i.e., a comprehensive score review resource. This service sends a copy of the test that you have written, and also gives you the details for all questions that you have answered correctly and incorrectly, and the ones you skipped (though you must always answer every question). This service is available for the October, March, and May test dates only.

If you feel that you might not be able to get an opportunity to use the QAS as a study too, then you should omit this test date, and consider signing up for SAT waitlist. The test dates during other days, you can still take up the Student Answer Service (SAS), which provides you with a less extensive version of the QAS.

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