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Posted on February 02 2022

College Board: SAT to be completely digital by 2024

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Beginning 2024, the SAT will go completely digital. As a full transition will be made to digital, the paper-based SAT will no longer be available once the SAT Suite is administered digitally.

On January 25, 2022, College Board announced that SAT would be delivered digitally.

In November 2021, the digital SAT was piloted in the US and internationally. 100% of the educators reported a positive experience. 80% of students, on the other hand, found the digital version to be far less stressful.

From March 2023, all students appearing for the SAT at the international test centers will take the digital test.

While bringing student-friendly changes to the test experience, many features of the SAT will nonetheless remain the same.

The SAT will continue to measure the skills and knowledge that students are acquiring in high school, assessing their college and career readiness.

The SAT versus digital SAT The SAT is to be delivered digitally internationally beginning 2023 and in the United States in 2024.
What are the changes? What remains the same?
·       More secure ·       More flexible ·       Easier to administer ·       More time per question ·       Each student to get a unique version of the test ·       Can take the test on a device (laptop or tablet), either personal or issued by the school ·       Duration to be two hours instead of three hours ·       Shorter reading passages, with one question tied to each ·       Passages to reflect a wider range of topics ·       Faster score delivery ·       Calculators to be allowed on the entire Math section Adaptive testing, questions will be in two modules. Questions given in the second module will be as per the student’s performance in the first module. ·      Measuring the knowledge and skills that matter the most ·       Scores to stay on the 1,600 scale. ·       Appear for the SAT in a Test Center or at school – not at home

The digital SAT is projected to be easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant.

Continuing to connect students to post-secondary and scholarship opportunities, the SAT continues to play a vital role in a holistic admissions process.

The SAT is regarded to be a lower-stakes test in college admissions. Submitting SAT test scores is optional. However, the SAT allows each and every student, irrespective of where they attended high school, to be seen and gain access to possibilities that will shape their future career path.

Generally, SAT test scores can be taken to be a confirmation of a student’s grade, demonstrating their strengths beyond their school grades.

Timeline for Administering the Digital SAT Suite
International SAT PSAT-Related Assessments US SAT and SAT School Day
Spring 2023 Digital Pencil & paper Pencil & paper
Fall 2023 Digital Digital Pencil & paper
Spring 2024 Digital Digital Digital

Students can register for the first digital SAT administrations at international test centers beginning Fall 2022. Digital SAT will first be administered at international test centers in Spring 2023. Following which, it will be offered in the US beginning Spring 2024.

As per the College Board, “We’re launching the digital SAT internationally first because going digital will allow us to offer two additional international SAT administrations starting when we launch in 2023. Moving from five to seven administrations to match the domestic calendar is an important way to expand access for students around the world.”

The digital SAT will be available on a laptop or tablet, through a custom-built digital exam application (to be downloaded in advance).

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to a digital SAT Suite of Assessments. With students doing more of learning and testing on the digital platform, the SAT continues to adapt to ensure that the needs of students and educators are met. Going digital allows the SAT to offers far more flexibility in terms of the when, where and how often the test is administered.

What is the SAT?

Earlier an acronym for the Scholastic Aptitude Test and later for the Scholastic Assessment Test, the SAT is now simply the SAT.

In 1997, the College Board categorically stated that “the SAT has become the trademark; it doesn’t stand for anything.”

The Educational Testing Service administers the SAT on behalf of the College Board.

A SAT score is needed if you plan on admission into colleges in the United States for higher education.

The higher the SAT score that you secure, the more possibilities open up before you for study aboard in US.


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